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Vince Collaso: Keeping his sales high with a smile

Mon, Nov 19, 2012

July, 2011

StreetWise Vendor Vince Collaso is becoming a regular at his new spot outside of Millennium Station at Randolph and Michigan. “I try to use my personality to pick people’s spirits up. On Monday morning, most people don’t want to go to work. So when they come out of the train station, there I am, yelling, ‘Good morning, how are ya?’” Vince said.

In order to add a little spice to his selling, Vince has renamed the days of the week, adding a very clever and personalized touch.

“Monday is ‘Fun-day.’ Let’s see them smiles! Tuesday is ‘No-blues-day.’ Wednesday is ‘Grins-day.’ I also call Wednesday ‘Mens-day’ and that’s how you get the guys to smile. Thursday is ‘Girls-day’ and Friday is just T.G.I.F. It creates a bit of a party atmosphere, which gets people to feel comfortable. That’s what I try to do,” Vince said.

Judging from his playfulness on the job, it’s easy to infer that Vince is a fun guy. When complimented on his animation and articulation, he explained that he used to do a bit of theater. But apparently, his fami-ly just has a “funny” gene, as his brother is a comedian. “He’s the funniest guy I know,” Vince said.

But Vince’s life has not always been a ball of laughs. As with many of our StreetWise vendors, the economy slumped and he lost his job. Today, he is getting back on his feet and is trying to complete his personal web-site in order to better market himself and his abilities.

Vince also has a family whom he adores. He has three children. 19-year-old Victor, 15-year-old Marcus, and 7-year-old Mir-acle. “I’m very proud, without a doubt,” Vince said. His son, Marcus, suffers from autism, which puts extra pressure on Vince to provide and ensure that his son receives the proper care.

But despite his hardships, Vince refuses to let the stresses of his life take away from his perseverence and positivity.

“[My customers] take that one little laugh with them all day and maybe it will catapult them throughout a day. It seems to generate some sales for me and some good relationships. There’s a motivational speaker that once said that if you give peo-ple enough of what they want, eventually you will get everything you want. So those smiles that I have eventually will come back to me.


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