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Ways to Donate:

Below you will find several ways to donate to StreetWise: a onetime donation, a recurring donation, or a donation in honor or memory of. You will also find the StreetWise statement of Fiscal Responsibility that will inform you on how 100% of your donation will go to directly support the men and women who come to the agency seeking assistance.

In order to fully fund the social service programs, StreetWise relies on financial support from individuals like you. Please click on PayPal link below to make a donation today!


Onetime Donation:


In honor or Memory of Judd Horwitz:


To make a donation in honor of Judd Horwitz, please click the “donate” button above.

Also, to read reflections on the impact that Judd’s life had on StreetWise and on those who knew him, click here.


Fiscal Responsibility:

StreetWise operates a successful business model which in turn allows the agency to provide much needed social service support to its clients. For fiscal year 2011, StreetWise incurred $561,385 in expenses with $291,589 of those costs covered through magazine-generated income. StreetWise is proud that over 50% of its total budget is covered by the agency’s social enterprise initiative. In fact, all costs associated with magazine productions and sales, (including designated salaries) are fully covered by magazine-generated income. In 2011 magazine, sales produced a $30,000, surplus, which is being used to underwrite the agency’s social services in FY 2012. As a result of the successful business model, 100% of government, foundation and charitable funds support the agency social services and related operations.

In order to fully fund its social service programs, StreetWise relies on the financial support from individuals like you. Please click on PayPal link above to make a donation today!


In-Kind Donations:

StreetWise accepts various items support the agencies Mission.

Canned goods, pasta, beans, and or rice.

Winter Clothes, (i.e., winter hats, gloves, scarfes, ear muffs, and scarves).

Computer Equipment:
Working PC’s, printers, printer cartridges and computer accessories.

Office Supplies:
Miscellaneous office supplies, (e.g., paper, pens, tape, staples, post-it notes, envelopes, and/or office furniture).


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