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Get Involved

Volunteer your Time and Talent

One of the reasons that StreetWise has been so successful in helping men and women in crisis achieve is because of the great network of volunteers who share their time, energy and expertise. There are many ways you can get involved in StreetWise. Look over our Volunteer Opportunities list, then fill out the Volunteer Form to let us know how you would like to be involved. Learn more about volunteering at StreetWise.

Donate Through PayPal

Make a secure donation of any amount through PayPal to the StreetWise not-for-profit organization. We appreciate your generosity!

Give An In-Kind Gift

In order to better care for StreetWise participants the agency accepts various in-kind donations, especially food and clothing. Contact Linda Fisher at:lfisher@streetwise.org if you have any questions regarding what we are currently looking for or visit the Donate page for a complete list of donation opportunities.

Purchase The Publication From One Of Our Vendors

You can purchase StreetWise magazine from any of our vendors. Each vendor makes a commission directly from their sales of our publication. The Magazine Vendor Program is an entrepreneurial employment model in that it provides a flexible employment opportunity via the sales and marketing of StreetWise Magazine.

o Vendors purchase the magazine from the agency for $.90 a copy and resell it at retail for $2, thereby earning a profit of $1.10 per copy.
o The Magazine Vendor Program teaches vendors to learn hard job skills, including salesmanship, marketing, and customer service as well as appropriate workplace behavior (soft skills).
o The earned profits help vendors afford housing, food, clothing, and necessary personal items.

Vendors can be found throughout much of the Chicagoland area. You can locate a vednor by visiting our Vendor Map.

Be sure to look for the official StreetWise vendor badge when purchasing.

Attend A StreetWise Fund Raiser Event

We hold many events throughout the year in and around the Chicagoland area. At which you can meet new people and enjoy great entertainment all while helping our mission. Always a win-win situation for everyone involved! Follow our RSS feed for up-to-date fund raising events.

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