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Sam Sanders

Mon, Aug 27, 2012

Sam Sanders: A man with a smile & something to say

June, 2011

Sam Sanders has struggled in the job market, but remains positive with help from his family. Starting out in sales and working with produce, Sam lost his job and has been on the lookout ever since.

“I lost my job on Valentine’s Day. The place I was working at started getting slow, so I had to find somewhere else to work. I’ve almost always been in sales. Hopefully I can find a nice job soon.”
But despite the trials he’s experienced in the job market, Sam keeps smiling as he remembers all his loved ones who stand behind him.

“I’m a very family-oriented person. I have a wife and have lots of family. I’m the oldest of eight kids. I have four boys and one girl. I love them all and I’m very proud of them. Two of my boys live in Michigan. I also have two grandkids. I am so fortunate to have every member of my family be so loving.”
Though times are hard now, Sam still remains a very humble and appreciative person who fully understands his blessings. He feels incredibly lucky to have such an unwavering group of supportive friends and family.

“A lot of people don’t have what I have, and I’m grateful for all of it. I remember when my grandmother was in a nursing home, and when I went there I was amazed at how many people didn’t have any kids or family. They were just by themselves.”

When asked about some of his goals for the near future, Sam responded, “Oh man, it’s going to be a busy summer for me. I usually only get 30 magazines a week and only work a couple days because I’m out looking for other jobs and helping my mom out. I just got a good location to sell at now though: a spot at the Board of Exchange. But hopefully now I can build up clients. Even if they don’t buy, I’ll still always tell them to have a great day. I also have two sons getting married this summer.”

Today, Sam has a very upbeat and determined outlook on life, which carries into his job as a vendor. “Never say never. I never thought I would ever do StreetWise. But I’m very enthusiastic and proud of doing it. My daughter told me she was proud of me for it. I already knew I had support, but that was really reinforced when she told me that. StreetWise has been amazing for me. I’m a people person, and I get to talk to people who travel and I get to see people from all walks of life. It gives me joy that StreetWise has allowed me to do that. Just look for me. I’m the man with a smile and something to say.”

Written by Brittany Langmeyer & Jack Wimmer,
StreetWise Staff & Contributor


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