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Become A StreetWise Vendor

Why become a StreetWise Vendor?

• Work for yourself, Be your own Boss!
• Set your own hours
• Start Immediately, everyone qualifies
• Potential to earn up to $300 a week!
• Get your first $30 worth of magazines free

When can I become a Vendor and start earning?

New Vendor Orientation is held every Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 a.m.

Where is orientation?

StreetWise Office
4554 N Broadway, Suite 350

What does New Vendor Orientation involve?

During new vendor orientation you will receive:

• Sales Training Techniques
• Learn how to run your own vendor business and market yourself
• Help with finding a vending location
• Develop transferable customer service skills
• Help with customer interaction and building a relationship with clients

Upon completing orientation you will immediately be given a Vendor Badge and your first supply of magazines to sell.

How much money can I earn?

Beginner Vendor:

Magazines Sold: 40 – 60 magazines per week

Potential Weekly Earning (before tips) $44 to $66

Average Monthly Earning (before tips) $189 to $284

Average Vendor:

Magazines Sold: 61 – 130 magazines per week

Potential Weekly Earning (before tips) $67 to $143

Average Monthly Earning (before tips) $288 to $615

Super Seller Vendor

Magazines Sold: 131 – 300 magazines per week

Potential Weekly Earning (before tips) $144 to $300

Average Monthly Earning (before tips) $620 to $1,419

For Further Information: Contact Gregory Pritchett on (312) 829-2526

Gregory Pritchett – Director of Vendor Services

Greg currently serves as Director of Distribution and Vendor Services for StreetWise. He is a native of Detroit, Michigan, but has lived in Chicago since he was five years old. He was raised in the Chatham neighborhood.

Greg is 44 years old. He worked successfully in the role of StreetWise Quality Assurance Team Manager for three years and the Distribution Manager for four years.

Prior to that, Greg served as the vendor representative to the Board of Directors of StreetWise. For two years, he served as the Chairman of the StreetWise writers’ group and he was the inspiration behind the StreetWise venture called “Not Your Mama’s Bus Tour” where he served as the co-director and Tour Guide. He also acted as project coordinator for StreetWise: the Movie.

Greg’s past experience includes:

• Graduating from Mendel Catholic Prep in 1985
• Attending Aurora University from 1985 to 1987 (Communications major)
• Completing 2 years of course work at Columbia College
• Working for the Department of Human Services in 1986
• Working for the Department of Children and Family Services in 1987
• Working as a Sound Engineer for Cubical Recording Studios from 1988 to 1993
• Acting as Building ADF Coordinator for Lakefront SRO from 2001 to 2003
• Writing and producing music, as well as writing poetry • Acting as a spokesman for StreetWise at community meetings and public functions • Hosting the StreetWise television show, StreetWise Streetscene on CAN-TV channel 21

Greg, like many people, faced challenges in life that required a strong personal commitment for survival. He was a StreetWise vendor for 3 years before realizing his goal to become a part of the solution. Currently, he is actively involved with the training and management of StreetWise vendors. He manages with a velvet fist. Greg believes that change must come from within. He works tirelessly to instill in the vendor population those very same principles that he uses—specifically, self-discipline and a strong commitment to personal growth.
Outside of StreetWise, Greg writes and produces music for himself and Chicaqoland artists.

Greg’s vision is to continue to improve his position in life by becoming financially stable, building a strong family life, and improving the image of StreetWise vendors.

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