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Mon, Jul 20, 2015

James Metzgar

James Metzgar

by James Metzgar
I have passed Maxim’s Restaurant at 20 N. Clark St. (on the North West corner of Clark and Madison) many times because it is one block away from my vendor location at LaSalle and Madison. On one occasion a good friend of mine who works nearby took me to lunch at Maxim’s. I was able to have a vanilla milkshake and a strawberry sweet roll for only $6.50, plus a $1 tip.
I really enjoyed the food, especially the milkshake, which was thick and put in a glass that was about a foot high, and was topped with whip cream. The sweet roll was approximately two to three times the usual size of a sweet roll.
The service I received was prompt and courteous. The atmosphere of the restaurant is delightful. There are large murals with pictures of old paris adorning the walls. Gold-colored railings lead down the stairs to more seating, where there are a number of mirrors on the walls. Numerous green plants hang throughout the restaurant to give the restaurant a comfortable feel. The floors of Maxim’s are even made to look like cobblestone streets, which adds to the “Old Paris” feel.
I recommend Maxim’s because it is a convenient restaurant for those who work or shop in the loop. You can get good food and drink without spending much money here. However, if one wants to spend more money, they can because the serve a wide variety of food and drink. It has always been fairly crowded when I went there for lunch, which I feel is a testament to it’s popularity.
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