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Tue, Jul 28, 2015

SportsWise with Bill
Vince: What I want to talk about is how the Chicago Blackhawks have won another championship. Congratulations to the Blackhawks. Vegas has said the odds are in their favor to win next year…we’ll see about that because they’ll may have to break up for the salary cap but that’s something we’re gonna talk about. But, the main focus…remember back in the 1990’s when the Chicago Bulls were running rapid in the NBA and won six championships in eight years? Well let’s compare those six championships from ’91 to ’93 and from ’96 to ’98 and compare those to the Blackhawks championships in 2010, ’13 and ’15. John, you’re leading off…what do you think of comparing those Bulls championships to those Hawks championships?

John: The Bulls appear to be more of a dynasty because they won three in a row and they have another of the three peat while the Blackhawks, don’t forget, after they won their first cup in 2010 the following year if Dallas I believe hadn’t lost, they would’ve been out of the play-offs. So…yeah the Blackhawks have been consistently good the past six seasons and yeah some people want to call it a dynasty but I just don’t think it’s a dynasty. I just think it’s a team being consistently good, consistently strong. Now, if you talk about a three-peat like if they won last year…now you’re talking a different story. Now that would be more impressive than a three-peat in basketball but with the Blackhawks not being able to pull off the hat-tricking hockey as far as winning Stanley Cups in a row, and with the Bulls winning three in a row then another three in a row, I still have to go with the Chicago Bulls with being not only more impressive, but with being more of a dynasty in Chicago.

Bill: I feel it’s hard to judge because it’s apples and oranges and you’ve got the issue of what the salary caps were at one time and the game itself… But, one way to put it is, how many flags are up in the ceiling at the stadium? And to me there’s six of one team and three of the other so I would have to go with what John’s saying…that the Bulls are more of a dynasty but on the other hand, I don’t feel confident in my judgment because I don’t understand the comparative times. We’ve got two different sets of times and two very different games BUT I can tell you on the side of fandom, the Blackhawks have done themselves a huge, huge, huge honor of winning this in terms of the fan base.

Russell: I just want to say that I’m glad we’re talking about the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks and not anybody else’s team. Now, I think the Bulls are a better dynasty team because I mean six championship rings…come on man. And the era they were in…I mean Bad Boys, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, I mean the Bulls went through a lot to get to where they were [and to get] those six rings, okay? The Blackhawks…Congratulations to the Blackhawks! To me, they’re still a dynasty, not a big dynasty, but a dynasty of course. They’ve won what…three cups in six years? They’ve gone to the finals a couple of times so they’re right there. I’m not going to put them way down at the bottom; I’ll put them up there by the Bulls. Maybe number two… It’s not over yet for the Blackhawks! They’ve got next year.

Vince: Yes, Vegas said that they’re the number one [team.]

Russell: They can still get the dynasty like the Bulls’ six rings. The only thing about that though is that it was back-to-back. If they get it back-to-back then it will be a real dynasty. That’s my opinion.


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