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Andy Poppas

Mon, Jul 20, 2015

AndyPappasWhere did you grow up?
I grew up in Chicago, on the North Side, in Uptown.

What brought you to StreetWise?
It was a long time ago, when I couldn’t find employment. I was walking in the loop area, and I bought a magazine from one of the vendors. We started talking, and he told me that if I went to StreetWise, I would be hired.

How long have you been selling StreetWise?
I have been year since back when StreetWise had the warehouse on Lake Street, so about 4 ½ years.

Where do you sell your magazines?
Van Buren and Wells, ever since I started, and now Jackson and Franklin too. When I first started I was just at Van Buren and Wells. I start on Van Buren in the morning and when it gets slow I head over to Jackson.

What is your strategy for selling the magazine?
When people get there, I say “Good morning, would you like to buy StreetWise?” I try to greet everybody. I try to be polite.

Is there something about the loop that you wouldn’t know if you were not a vendor?
The YMCA, the have tons of activities; basketball, swimming, you name it!

What do you like the most about Chicago?
It’s a nice town. Some people are really nice to you. I also like the buildings downtown and the activities to do.

Is there anything that you have learned on the job?
I learned how to be polite. I just got a couple new customers, and I always need more!

What are your future goals?
I have been trying to get into housing by Rogers Park.

What do you like to do for fun?
My friends take me out to restaurants, we also like to shoot pool.

Is there anything else you want StreetWise readers to know?
I would like to ask the people who buy magazines to tell somebody else, so they can come help me out.


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