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Slow Season

Tue, Jun 23, 2015

sportwise wo billJohn: Today I want to talk about the summer time and how sports are so slow and all that outside of major league baseball. It’s like the only thing in town because you got the NBA PLayoffs, NHL Playoffs, and cup finals in NHL plus the NBA finals wrapping up. So people really don’t do much with a lot of sports except like go to a Cubs game. Like, “Hey! Let’s go to a Cubs game!” Like, my question is why don’t they want to go to a White Sox game? Because it’s like the best ticket in town. I know the location and all that might something to be decided but you got very good prices, you can take a family of four. You’ve got a great picnic area at Sox Park; you also got the showers that they built. It’s got the fundamentals of baseball too…the best things to do at Sox Park. Cubs Park you can do a whole lot of stuff but you do mostly out of the ballpark.

I’ve loved sports all my life too and a lot of things that have happened recently have kind of—ehhh—kind of stung me. Here we are in Chicago so I guess we can talk about it you know, I don’t want to mention the Bulls without cussin’. But other than that…John, you made a great point about there being a little lull between the NBA Playoffs and then the start of the NFL. We’ve got the NFL training camp coming up in July so that’s a time of promise. So hopefully Jay Cutler won’t throw so many interceptions. He might throw less than 20 this year.
John: There won’t be any more taxes saying that.
Vince: Ehh, I know, I know but hey…you can wish. One thing I want to mention since we got open mic here, what’s your favorite sport?
John: Right now…if you asked me 20-years-ago [as opposed] to now it would be different—20 years ago, the NFL definitely. I would look so forward to the schedule being out. Like, “Yeah! Yeah! Post the draft on Saturday!” But with so much of the problems in the NFL: with Adrian Peterson and the Dallas Cowboys having a team full of jailbirds on their football team and plus with Roger Goodell—not my favorite commissioner—it’s taken a back seat to baseball and basketball. For some reason, it’s like I’ve been more of a baseball fan over the last several years. Not because of the Dodgers but because it’s a great thing to do. Go out to the ball park and maybe grab a hot dog or grab a soda pop and maybe even a little bit of popcorn.
Russell: Okay I’m going to say one thing…somebody told me that defense doesn’t win games. Okay…defense wins championships. And point example, let me tell you an instance. I watched the game the other day, bottom of the ninth inning. Okay, the Cubs, the Cubs and Reds okay? Cubs are winning—No, they’re losing 2-1. Okay, they’ve got two outs… So the stretch, then the pitch, and there it goes! Russell Think left field! This ball’s gonna be… Caught! By Russell! Game is over! Defense wins!” Okay?! Defense does win games sometimes okay. I really enjoy baseball but my favorite sport is…well its kind of close between basketball and football. You don’t see enough of them on TV anymore because you know football season’s what? 18 weeks. Basketball is 82 games. Like right now, it’s dead right now.
Vince: That’s true. That’s true. You know, I really enjoy sports and have done so all my life ever since the mid to late 70’s. I feel that… The thing I loved the most was Harry Carrey, the former Cubs and White Sox [announcer.] He would call the Cubs games and White Sox games and actually when he did the Cubs, they tamed him ‘cause Harry was really brutal with the White Sox. He had the players afraid of him because they felt “man don’t’ talk about Harry ‘cause he’ll talk about us!” …I mean guys like that really standout for me.


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