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Do-Rite Donuts

Tue, Jun 23, 2015

quincyThis week veteran Streetwise vendor Quincy went to Do Rite donuts in Streeterville with Streetwise reader and local attorney/comedian/frugal foodie Rob A.

Quincy, is both a veteran Streetwise vendor in Streeterville and a military veteran. More important for this column – Quincy is a veteran patron of the food scene in Streeterville, which as far as deals are concerned, doesn’t have much.

Enter Do Rite Donuts. High quality donuts, coffee, and chicken sandwiches served fresh daily (and affordably) from a ‘nook’ across from Northwestern hospital. The lack of seating and decor keeps the overhead low and is more than made up for by the affordable prices.

Quincy and I shared 3 donuts (Canadian maple bacon, original buttermilk, and plain) plus the Chicken Bacon Ranch “CBR” (spicy), with a side of fries, and an oj, all for under 20 bucks.

Quincy and I both were surprised at the quality of the food given its affordability.

dorite4Chicken: The sandwich alone was worth the trip and far better than comparably priced versions at cow-loving eateries. The chicken in the CBR was juicy with all white meat, and the bacon added a great flavor alongside the ranch mayonnaise. The cheddar cheese tasted of Wisconsin and melted from the heat of the chicken patty, which was placed in a fresh bun immediately after coming out of the fryer. Quincy felt the chicken surprised him and reminded him of down south New Orleans. “I had a chance to eat their regular fried chicken and also their spicy chicken, both were very good, but the spicy was delicious and it even melted in your mouth,” Quincy said. Ordering it spicy meant our filet was also soaked in a spicy secret brine, that one of the owners brought up from somewhere below the Mason-Dixon line. “The freshness is so great, because everything is being made right in front of you,” Quincy said.

Donuts: The donuts here make you wonder how cupcakes became a thing. Three dollars is not cheap for a donut, but Quincy and I both thought each donut was rich enough to serve as a quick breakfast when combined with the hot coffee (discounted when you buy a donut or sandwich). Quincy stated that “The donuts are some of the very best, the biggest and freshest that I have ever had in my life!”dorite2

Fries: The fries are fresh cut with hospital precision with the skin still on them and are pulled fresh just like the sandwiches. Quincy said he normally doesn’t like thick fries, but still enjoyed them along with the sandwich.

Coffee/OJ – The OJ is store-brand, but the coffee is Dark Matter and a deal with the purchase of any donut or sandwich. Frankly, even at regular price the coffee here is already a deal compared to any other coffee place in the neighborhood.

Quincy’s final thought was “DoRite has very fresh sandwiches, coffee, donuts, juice and fresh-cut fries with every order. They have what you want for every time of the day, morning, noon or evening. It is a great place to stop by and you will be glad you did, because you will get a lot for your money.”


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