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Comparing LeBron James to Michael Jordon

Tue, Jun 30, 2015

IMG_0425Bill: Okay, so we’ve got these remarks that apparently were said by [Lebron’s] old buddy Dwayne Wade and he was talking about James and his feelings about playing with him all those years. So if anybody knows this guy, he does. So John, what do you think?

John: Lebron’s a type of guys that depends more on his teammates to do well. Granted, Lebron may carry the load from time to time but Lebron’s more like Magic Johnson. He wants to be more like the facilitator and then just score whenever it’s necessary. I think it’s unfair to compare Lebron, on the other hand, to Michael. Yeah, granted they both wore the same jersey number 23 when he was in Cleveland and Michael was in Chicago but the nature of the game, Lebron has more of a physique like Magic Johnson: score, rebound, and assist. Now the reason he wasn’t able to win in Cleveland for the first round is he didn’t have that kind of support like James Worthy with Magic Johnson, or when Michael had Scotty Pippen. Now I think Lebron’s got himself surrounded with better people and he had even better people, I thought, in Miami; which I wish he would’ve stayed in Miami. But he chose to go back to his hometown, Akron, Ohio.

Bill: So Russell, what do you think?

Russell: Dwayne Wade, he played with Lebron right? He can say that okay. But, in my opinion, there is NO WAY I’m going to compare Lebron James to Michael Jordan. NO WAY! No way, I can’t do that. First of all, he can’t win a championship on his own. I mean he had a chance with Cleveland in, what was, 2007? He left Cleveland to go to Miami to form a team to win. Michael Jordan didn’t do that. Michael Jordan stayed with the Bulls no matter what. Swept by Boston, beaten by Detroit, he stayed where he was. He fought like a man, a real man. That’s why Lebron James will never be like Michael Jordan because he runs from team to team, okay?! That’s my opinion.

Bill: To me, I’ve seen a lot of good players over a long period of time and I have honestly never seen anyone who is as big, fast, and as good on defense and can play the whole game as Lebron James. Now, I think Jordan’s a fantastic player and I’d hate to have to bet on which one would be better if they were in their prime. But defensively, Lebron James is unbelievable. Now, Jordan was too okay? He was great. But he had two other great defensive players with him. Lebron is a force. I just can’t minimize how good he is. I really can’t bring myself to say, “Well this guy’s not one of the best two or three players in the history of the game.” That is unbelievable.

John: Okay, number 1: Michael Jordan. Number 2 would be Magic Johnson. The third one I’d have to put Larry Bird. I remember him shooting a basketball from the ocean and he could still hit it. Number four I’d have to put Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, people forgot about him but that guy was fantastic. And number five; I go with my heart on this one, Julius Erving. And then Lebron James is right below.

Bill: Ohh, he’s not even in the top five?!

John: Noo.

Bill: Oh my goodness.

Russell: Alright. Michael Jordan, of course, Magic, same with John, Larry Bird. Those guys proved themselves. I give Lebron the fourth spot and then Kobe Bryant.

Bill: Yeah, I would put Michael Jordan first and Lebron second. And I would put Oscar Robertson fourth, definitely Magic Johnson third and then Kareem Abdul-Jabbar fifth.


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