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Cheating in professional sports.

Mon, Jun 8, 2015

StreetWise vendors talk Chicago sportsVince: We are talking today about cheating, not the couple’s kind of cheating, but cheating in sports! The biggest scandal right now is “deflategate.”
John: I think it is a leauge problem, It’s not a New England Patriot problem. If you heard Aaron Rodgers (QB- Green bay Packers), he talked about having the ball a certain way. I don’t think they are the only ones. I think they let it get out of hand and become bigger than it really is. When Indianapolis played New England, it didn’t matter if the balls were deflated or not, New England was not going to be denied. Same for the Super Bowl.
Bill: My feeling is that the Patriots and Brady got stung for past sins, as well as this one. This, to me, was the last straw. They had been caught before with more serious issue of signal stealing.
John: But doesn’t baseball do that too? I feel like we are comparing apples to oranges here.
Bill: I was watching a baseball game and the pitcher had this shiny piece on his arm. I checked the temperature and it was 45 degrees, so I know he wasn’t sweating. He would go through all of these motions with his fingers, then touch his arm right before he threw it. That dude was doctoring the ball. It seems more ok in baseball to cheat and push lines than it appears to be in football right now. I don’t think this current thing is about deflation.
John: It’s hypocrisy.
Russell: There has always been cheating in sports, this is a good illustration of that. The first half, the balls were deflated and the score at halftime was 14-7 New England. The final score was 47-7, so you do the math. If they are cheating in the first half, and in the second half aren’t and they still blow them out of the water. I agree with John about Aaron Rodgers, I think a lot of them are doing that, they just don’t get caught. They say the ball throws and grips better that way.
Vince:I remember watching the movie Major League. In it, the pitcher shows how he is cheating. When he touches his cap there is a little bit of vaseline, or behind his ear is a little cayenne pepper behind his ear that would make his nose run. He would use those things to doctor the ball. There has been some acceptance of the spitball and those little advantages. Russell, you made an excellent point about the score. The key thing I am concerned about with cheating in sports is home runs and big score is attractive, it’s sexy. That is what makes the turnstile run. We say we don’t like cheating, but we sure like the results when someone happens to cheat and do very well.
Bill: There is less tolerance in football than there is in baseball, but you can’t convince me that those linemen that are 350 pounds are not taking steroids.
John: But that is my point, it is hypocrisy. It is a team issue.
Bill: The teams claim that they never knew steroids were being use, which i find incredulous.
John: It is an insult to our intelligence!
Vince: The political term is plausible deniability.
Russell: In baseball we have the steroids and the cork bats too. When Sammy Sosa got caught with the cork bat, it broke and cork was everywhere. What did he say? It wasn’t my bat! It even spread to the kids in the Little League, even though I don’t blame the kids, rather their team leaders. And remember Joe Niekro? He was suspended for pitching with an emery board in his pocket! He said he was just filing his nails while he was in the dugout.
All of these sports have cheaters! Even ice skating has Tonya Harding! It seems like it is a big habit these days.
John: you know what they say, If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’!


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