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NHL Playoffs

Mon, May 4, 2015

Vince: Hockey playoffs are just starting and the Chicago Blackhawks are in it. They don’t have the greatest seeding but when playoff time comes they know how to turn it up. John what do you think of the Blackhawks chances and about the NHL playoffs overall?

John: I enjoyed hockey in the past because the Kings were there and they were the defending champions but we know now they were eliminated. Since getting eliminated the NHL playoffs lost its luster. I think without the NHL defending Stanley Cup Champions this year its lost its excitement. I believe the champion is going to come down to the goalie because if you have a hot goalie you can go all the way no matter what they did during the regular season.

Bill: A goalie is like a quarterback in Football, they make a big difference. I think in the playoffs this becomes a big factor.

Vince: We also want to welcome Donald Morris has our special guest this week.

Don: The Blackhawks are a very interesting team and with Patrick Kane they are even better. I am not going to talk about any other players (but) the blackhawks are going to be interesting to watch because they have Kane back. He is taking hits, making passes, and just getting back into the flow of things. His skill set is so good because he has speed, agility, quickness and the way he flips the puck past goalies is unbelievable. We just need to sit back now and relax and enjoy watching the Blackhawks. With him back and everybody else that is in the playoffs there are going to be a lot of wild moments.

Russell: This year and years past the team with the best record did not win the Stanley Cup. None of these teams even made it to the Stanley Cup Finals because it was always the teams in the middle of the seeds. Last year it was the Kings and the year before that it was Boston Bruins. With all these facts I have to pick my Blackhawks because I have been a Blackhawk fan all my life. I have the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup, with no Boston or LA Kings, the playoffs look easy for the Hawks. With new blood (new teams) in the mix it should be interesting because as a fan we are not used to new faces in the playoffs.

Vince: John made an excellent point about the goalie because the defense could be terrible but if your goalie is lights out then the defense looks beautiful. I think the goalie is key and Joey Crawford has to show up for the Blackhawks. If he shows up the Blackhawks can go all the way. I mean Kane is good and it is great to see him back but definitely it starts and ends with the goalie.

Don: When it comes down to playoff time, I think players really need to bring up their energy level because no matter how fast you are, you still have to generate energy. These guys can’t play lazy or else its going to cost them.

John: I want to actually take a moment to say I like how the New York Islanders made it to the playoffs. I would love to see them go all the way but mentally I just don’t know who is going to win it all. It could be the Blackhawks now that they have Patrick Kane back but you have to work him in slowly. I believe though this is the first time in a long time a Eastern Conference team might win it all.

Bill: Talking about energy level, I haven’t watched college hockey before and Providence was playing Boston University. Man those guys were skating, I mean there was a lot of energy there. It reminded me that in the playoffs you step it up. When teams start playing hard it really impresses me with what they can do in skates. It is something to watch because what they do is really special.


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