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Famous Draft Missteps

Mon, May 18, 2015

sportwise wo billJohn: We would like to talk about buyer’s remorse, as far as professional sports teams, including drafts, trades and signings of the past. I was thinking, Chicago wise, the signing of Jay Cutler. Why would the Bears do that? They had Josh McCown, who was even player of the week. Then in the off season, they decide to sign Jay to a long-term deal. And McCown is out of here. Nationwide, there have been a lot of bad moves. The 76ers in 1986 had the number one draft pick, and they drafted Brad Daugherty of North Carolina. He could have been a decent player, but what did they do? They traded him to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Roy Hinson and a bunch of stiffs! And that same day they traded Moses Malone for a guy with career-ending knee injuries! Dr. J went from having a chance to winning the championship to being out in the first round. The 76er’s were never the same franchise after that.
Vince: They had Dr. J in his good years. If they had stayed pat, they would have had him, a young Charles Barkley, Brad Daugherty, Moses Malone, and Moe Cheeks! That is a starting line!
Russell: I have a couple of things. When the Cubs traded Lou Brock in 1964!
Vince: That was mine! for Ernie Broglio!
Russell: Brock went on to have a great career, where did the Cubs go?
Vince: Straight to baseball hell!
Russell: It was big back then. Another one is in 2006 when the Bulls drafted Lamarcus Aldridge, then they traded him to the Portland Trail Blazers for Tyrus Thomas, and the rest is history. I don’t know what Thomas is doing right now, but Aldridge has a great career. If they had them right now, they would be good. It still makes me mad! Everytime I see him play for Portland I think about it, man!
Vince: You really nailed two of them! That Lou Brock trade… You can’t even remember Ernie Broglio!
John: Sounds like broccoli!
Vince: You know when you’re a kid and you trade your favorite baseball card to your friend for two or three crappy ones? Then you see your friend with your baseball card, and he taunts you with it! I believe that every time the Cardinals came to town with Lou Brock, that is what they were doing! The greatest player in St. Louis history is Stan Musial, but right behind him is Lou Brock! And he started as a Chicago Cub. It’s up there with the greatest trades. Also up there is when Babe Ruth was traded from the Boston Red Sox to the Yankees [in 1920]. That was probably the craziest trade of all time. The story behind it is that Harry Frazee owned the Boston Red Sox and he was having monetary problems. Babe Ruth was a great young solid player for the Red Sox. He traded Babe Ruth for cash, to invest it in a Broadway play! It wasn’t “Damn Yankees!” It tanked, and until 2004 they called it the curse of Babe Ruth. He became one of sport’s first superstars with the Yankees, and the Red Sox took it on the chin for years.
John: In the 1983 NFL draft, why did the Pittsburgh Steelers pass on Dan Marino? Terry Bradshaw was ready to retire, and here is Marino in your own back yard! They may have had a Super Bowl ring by now.
Russell: On the 26th pick of the draft [in 1994], the Bulls pick DICKY SIMPKINS! I had never heard of this guy! He got three rings!
John: But guess why, Michael Jordan!
Vince: Dicky Simpkins had a bad habit of dropping the ball every time it would be passed to him. When Jordan had a daughter, he said that he would let Simpkins hold his daughter, but he would probably drop her! Awe man, you brought back a bad thought! Dicky Simpkins! I have to go do some sort of Star Trek mind cleanse to get that out! Was that a regular name or a porn name?!? What about when the Indianapolis Colts had to let Peyton Manning go more recently [in 2011]? It was a weird position. Manning had just had neck surgery, and they weren’t sure if he would play well again, so I am not mad at the Colts. They were faced with the decision of keeping a player who has been so great throughout his career or letting him go hoping they could do better? It was a bad deal, but they were lucky because they picked up Andrew Luck, and Manning went on to play great for Denver, so it all worked out for everyone in the end. Especially for Manning, How many Papa John’s has he bought since then?


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