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Mon, May 11, 2015

by Jennifer Aldrich
1Authentaco at 1141 N. Ashland Ave. is known for its chef-driven traditional Mexican street food that is made daily from scratch. StreetWise vendor Jeff Berg decided to check out this popular taco joint and share his thoughts.
During this, his first visit to Authentaco, Jeff described the restaurant’s décor as a “little patio with two outdoor tables and four chairs in the back” where he sat and ate his meal. There were a few other customers in the restaurant when he got there, but it appeared to be mostly take-out. He ordered from a little counter up front where you first walk in, and noticed that the cashier was both pleasant and respectful. In order to try a variety of things, Jeff ordered the Taco Asada and Quesadilla Asada, both made with grilled skirt steak.
Jeff commented, “The food was really good, cooked well and made quickly.” The taco came with the skirt steak (asada), onion, and cilantro. Jeff mentioned that the meat was exceptionally tender, and he was happy with his decision to get the taco. While the taco would not have filled him up alone, Jeff noted, “They give you one long quesadilla, which is very filling.” He got both of those and a bottle of Coca Cola for right around $10, a steal for a delicious meal in Chicago.
If you find yourself in the mood for quick and flavorful Mexican grub without spending a fortune, Authentaco might be what you’re looking for. Jeff plans on going back to try the tostada and because the “food was good and fairly priced for how much you got.” Just keep in mind it’s cash only!


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