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Mon, Mar 9, 2015

SportsWise with BillRussell: I got into sports because of the 69 Cubs! I remember back in the day we would go to school and talk about if there was a game on after school and so I loved watching the Cubs and thats why I was so interested in them and in sports. Especially baseball because that was such an easy game to play, not like football or basketball. I didn’t play basketball much because I was too short but now i regret that after watching the Bulls and all of them. Spud Webb was 5’3 and he played so I could’ve stayed in school and played some basketball but it is what it is. Seriously though the main thing that got me into sports was baseball.

John: My interest was all about the NFL around the 1980’s when I started watching and the Bears crushed the Packers. After that I was more interested watching the following year because the Cowboys were doing so well and the 49ers were coming up with the Great Joe Montana. Around this time the NFL was really exciting to watch because you had certain teams that came out of nowhere, not like now. You would almost always have a team in the Superbowl who placed last the year before and now were contending for a Superbowl. I remember one year it was the San Francisco 49ers and the Cincinnati Bengals. So I guess for me the way I got so interested in sports was this time in the NFL and Major League Baseball around 1982 because of the amazing pennant races. I got into basketball because of the 84, 85 years and no not because of Michael Jordan’s rookie years but the whole Philadelphia and Boston rivalry. That was my favorite and of course Boston and the LA Lakers that year.

Bill: Well for me, we lived in Gary, Indiana and the man who owned the house we lived in was a White Sox fan, so about 1948 I went to my first ball game. I felt totally, totally enamored by it and I can remember the 47 World Series. They had this little television and a big magnifying glass in front of it so you could see what was on the tv. So if anyone wanted to watch television you needed to watch it through the glass. At this time it was the beginning of television and baseball. At my first baseball game I saw Ted Williams, Luscious Luke, and all these great old players. Every one that is in the Hall Of Fame from the Sox I saw during the games. We would draw lines down at the beach in Gary, Indiana and just two guys would play and we would do the whole line-up. My best friend was a Cardinals fan so he would announce his team and I would do the Chicago White Sox. I just loved baseball and the Sox, but we never expected to win though.

Vince: All of those stories are great but my story is started with a downbeat because it all started in 1982 and my family broke up so we moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. On the first day there they asked us “what do you guys want to do?” and so i look down the main street as if it were Chicago’s State St., you could see old Riverfront Stadium so I pointed there and said “I want to go there!” It so happened that the Reds were playing that night and in the 70’s the Reds were just one of good teams, they were the “Big Red Machine” I mean we had Joe Morgan, Johhny Bench, Tony Perez who happened to be one of my favorite player. This turned me on to sports overall and at the same time the summer olympics there were some powerful events that happened. That was my experience with sports and how I came to love them.


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