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Spring Training

Mon, Mar 2, 2015

SportsWise teamVince: It’s February and yet snow is still on the ground but something to think about now is spring training, its coming so Russell what do you think about that?

Russell: I can’t wait because it is almost getting closer to spring now. Baseball is a nice sport to me and I really enjoy it. It is nice to sit back and look at how managers and teams set their rosters this spring training. I just want to see how well the [Chicago] White Sox and Cubs look because they are my favorite teams and so it is pretty interesting and that is why I like spring training.

John: I got different perspective because I see it as a way to escape this awful weather of Chicago because a lot of Chicagoans know winter, even though there will be no snow on the ground until May, but it won’t feel like spring until late June. If you go to Arizona or Florida it is nice to go out and get some sun and maybe go to the pool it is a nice escape from the winter. There is something about spring training that gets rid of stress and tribulations we face everyday because when we get closer to baseball season it feels great I don’t know how to explain the feeling. This feeling also doesn’t compare to any other sport like the start of football season or basketball game. There is something about spring training whether it is going down there to get autographs or hearing the crack of the bat, the smell of the hotdogs and peanuts.

Bill: For me it is sort of like going to church I suppose because it is like I have faith, it gives me faith that there really will be a spring coming and summer. About this time of year until the middle of March, early April it is so nasty here [Chicago] and it does not seem to end as where as pitchers and catchers report that is such good news to me. This means they are really going to have baseball and that means it is really going to be warm. Now, the mistake I make is I try to go to games because I get so excited so I think “Oh, I should go to opening day” or “I should go in April” and holy mackerel was I frozen to death so you do not want to put away any snow gear in April or May because it is still cold here. [The Players] come out the tunnel looking all tan and warm but then they have to step into the cell or Wrigley field.

John: That is why I think they should play the first month of the regular season out west or down south.

Bill: In that case they should start playing outside the country in England or something.

Vince: They have talked about the possibility of playing games in Puerto Rico, Mexico.

Vince and Russell: and Japan!

Bill: Yeah so spring training to me is like faith, it gives me faith that summer will come.

Vince: That works for me to, when I was younger I had a paper route and my paper route was near the lake and I tell you that hawk comes out that late Michigan and it freezes everything so when you know spring training is coming it was a renewal that spring is coming. It is a great time, I love baseball not as much as I once did but I still love it. The boys of summer were coming back to town so you would bring out your baseball cap out and represent your team and besides the Cubs look strong and the Sox as well so it is something to look forward to as a Chicago baseball fan.

Bill: So your saying Cubs fans and Sox fans are hopeful?

Vince: Yes!

Bill: So there is this hope, but the rosters are set too so you can really start looking at teams and predict how well they really could be.

John: So lets say the Cubs don’t do well this year, a lot of the experts predict that the Cubs will make it to the World Series this year and win it!

Bill: Yeah right! (Sarcastically)

John: That is why there is this extra excitement in Chicago, especially for the Cubs fans. So the experts say the Cubs will win it but I don’t know are they talking about some sort of fantasyland or reality?

Vince: Yes, yes, and the reason why it is because there was this movie around 1988 called “Back to the Future, Part II” where they predicted the Cubs were going to win the World Series in 2015 by beating Miami. This is interesting because there is a team in Miami but at that time there wasn’t and unfortunately they are in the same league so that can’t happen. The movie didn’t get that right but the movie also predicted flying cars and we have yet seen a car that can fly unless you see it as an accident or in Nascar but you don’t want these cars to fly. The movie had also predicted shoes with power laces, which interestingly NIKE is talking about doing this year so that may happen. So maybe the Cubs do win it this year, I am an internal Cub fan so hopefully 2015 is the year.

John: Then I’ll say “Hey, Hey! Holy Mackerel! The Cubs are going to the World Series! Hey, Hey!”

Vince: “Go Cubs go, hey Chicago what do you say the Cubs are going to win today!”

John: I don’t like that song I like the other one better.

Bill: So Russ, you optimistic about the Cubs?
Russell: I was thinking about that man, they have a chance. Everybody has a chance but you never know. I’ve seen it happen before when teams go from last to first. You get tired of the same teams winning to like the [St. Louis] Cardinals every year, every year, every year. How about the Cubs for once win the division?

John: I agree I think of the Cardinals like the Yankees of the National league.

Vince: Yeah the Cubs and Sox look good this year and besides what team is more due than the Chicago Cubs to win it all?

Bill: Yeah the Cubs are due, and I give them a couple more years until they win it all.

Russell: They are over-due!

John: My thoughts now is wouldn’t it be nice if we saw the Chicago Cubs and the White Sox in the World Series?


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