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Scholarships may not be enough

Mon, Mar 30, 2015

IMG_0425John: The reason why we are just talking about College basketball and football is because there is a lot more money invested in those sports than baseball and hockey. Basketball and football also tend to have more coverage. The good part about basketball is the tournaments because of all these tournaments are going on and conference tournaments and followed by the NCAA tournaments. What also makes the tournaments great is you are one and done. That is the unique thing about it because no one seems to have the sense of ‘home court’ advantage.

Russell: The thing I don’t like about college basketball is or college sports is all these kids play one year of college and then they go pro. I think it should be mandatory that college kids need at least three years minimum to go pro. Colleges pay kids money to go to college and play but that is all wasted when the kid decides to go to the professionals. Then you have guys coming back to get their education and after they decide to go to the pros half of those guys that decided that don’t even make it. This causes them to go overseas to Europe or Asia. I say stay in college, get your four years in and get out and then you have something to fall back on.

Bill: So various schools give scholarships to various players and some players might not be able to go through all four years of College because they might spell, or read well. They are not college material necessarily but they’re great athletics, so there is some argument that could be made that schools should just pay students to play for their basketball teams. Give them the opportunity to go to school if they want to but if they don’t want to then just pay them and this is one argument because the amount of money that is being made by the colleges and NCAA is unbelievable. AN example is I saw the other day a sponsorship about the NCAA advertisements for Viagra and Alcohol and Party Time where these places are located in bars. Now to me this means (Colleges) are making millions and millions of dollars because of all those advertisement slots that are being filled. Where is all this money coming from? Who is making all this money? This money isn’t going to the players.

John: I think its going to the people that are CEO’s and people that are in charge of the Colleges. The money isn’t really going to the players and students but the scholarships do. The scholarships take care of the money and all that for the students.

Bill: But who pays for those scholarships?

John: The Universities do.

Bill: So not the NCAA?

John: But why would they not pay for that? This is why I think they shouldn’t be so unionized and I don’t think unionizing is the way to go. I think what they should do with that money is hire the best tutors and get the students to stay in college for those who receive scholarships because a lot of them get the best foods and some can get up in the morning and ask for an omelet at 3am in the morning. I think if you want to help them I say you should have a tutor that can teach them to prepare themselves. These players have to think life after sports to.

Bill: Also thinking about injuries because some of these guys get injured and that is it they are done. The judge decided that they were employees and so whatever decision (Players) made (was on them).

Russell: I mean the guy from Louisville broke his leg and he had no money but did (The school) pay for it? No, it was out of the player’s own pocket and that is just not right. It should be, I play for you so now you pay my bill. They have a raw deal because he had to pay all that money. If it was me and I was in charge of the university I would have no problem paying for the bill. If my players get injured then I’m going to take care of them. Some of these kids come from cities and homes that are flat out broke so I don’t think it is right how Colleges treat their players.


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