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Tue, Mar 17, 2015

StreetWise vendors talk Chicago sportsJohn: I got a few moments one was when I was driving home from work and it was on the radio. I was working at Jewel and my shift ended about 5 o’clock and so I was listening to the Bulls vs Cleveland game on the radio and Craig Ehlo just gave the Cleveland Cavaliers a 1-point lead with 3 seconds left of the game and the Bulls called a timeout and that was the moment where it was a very defining moment for the Bulls organization. I heard Jim on the radio who was an underrated announcer who was calling that game and I heard what happened the ball was inbounded to Jordan who went off to his left and Craig Ehlo tried to defend Jordan. Jordan swished the ball up over Ehlo as time expired and the moment it went in Jim yelled out on the radio ‘it was good!’ ‘The Bulls win!’ and that shut the Cavaliers and the stadium up. It was a very emotional game and experience for me because I was hearing it on the radio. If I watched the game on the TV as suppose to hearing it on the radio I don’t think its memorable. Another moment was Joe Montana and the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL. I saw Joe Montana rolling right, rolling right and I was thinking he was going to go out of bounds and so he throws the ball in the air and who comes in to catch it? No not Julius Erving but Dwight Clark and I was crushed. The Cowboys had a chance to go to the superbowl and so I was so depressed.

Bill: I have two or three things that were memorable to me that weren’t really part of the game. When Bill put up the explosive scoreboard in Comiskey Park because nobody has ever done something like that before and it was just amazing. One night the Yankees came into town with a loaded team and when they hit a homerun everyone from the Yankees got up and had some sort of sparklers in their hands and started running out onto the field. They were just having fun and so it was a great moment because it was really, really funny. Another one I’ll tell you is the second year Michael Jordan was here and I didn’t know who he was, I didn’t think about it. Right at half time the whistle was blown and its just blowing and he was going to take a shot but it was halftime and so he wasn’t going to make it count. He takes the shot from the midpoint and turns around and as he turns around he put his arm up then pulled it down like ‘boom’ and he wasn’t even looking. I thought, sooner or later this team is going to win because this guy has some confidence. It took two more years for them to win a championship after that moment.

Russell: For me was the 2010 Stanley Cup Championships Blackhawks. I really enjoyed that series especially at the end of the game. After Kane scored the game-winning goal, he took off his gloves and I was like what, what is he doing? I didn’t event see the goal. I saw him skating around and I was like ‘It’s a goal, it’s a goal, and Hawks win’ and everybody started going crazy. It was really exciting I like that. Another moment was the 2005 White Sox because they were amazing. It was really nice because they had everything going for them. The way they did it was everyday out there they went and took care of Business. Good base stealing, good pitching, good hitting, nobody could stop them.

Vince: The greatest memory I had was the 1980 Olympic hockey team when they beat the Russians. Everybody had the Russians because I remember looking at ESPN insider where they had the United States to win in fourth place and they had the Russians winning the gold. I mean they were just the baddest team in the world. In exhibition games they beat up on the NHL teams. The NHL teams are supposed to be the best teams in the world. I never saw guys jump up and down like they did on the ice. After the USA beat the Russians everybody was going crazy and that was just a very special moment for me.


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