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Rested teams after the NBA All-Star break

Mon, Feb 23, 2015

Vince: We are going to talk about the all-star break this week and the rejuvenation teams get after the 3 day break from games. Since we are in Chicago, our Chicago Bulls need a little bit of a rejuvenation since they got about 30 games left of the regular season. I would like to see them finish off the season with a little bit of a finishing kick.

John: Its hard to tell about the Bulls about rejuvenation but in general I think it rejuvenates the teams that have veteran players on there because you get players on there that are trying to recover from nagging injuries and aches of pain so if you have a young team I do not think it matters as much like, Atlanta is kind of young but if you are San Antonio and like the Bulls because I think the Bulls are becoming a much older team but yeah it would rejuvenate them especially those who already know how to win championships. This benefits them against those who haven’t won anything because if you are on a roll you love playing until you run out of gas but if you are a veteran team you take one game at a time. Most veteran teams need that time to recuperate in order to refresh your mind like, what do we need to do, and things we need to improve on.

Russell: I think it is time to make a move because it is almost playoff time. We need to get the 8th seed or 7th seed matchup so teams need to make their move now. So they better be rejuvenated or else any team who misses the playoffs will be watching the game like everyone else. Good thing teams like San Antonio and Cleveland might be OKAY but the Bulls, Atlanta, Charlotte, and teams that are trying to make it need to get rejuvenated real quick. I think the top 3 and 4 are going to be set already so that means teams really need to step up. I think it will be (Eastern Conference) Atlanta, Cleveland and maybe the Bulls because Cleveland is right behind the Bulls with a winning streak and only half a game back of the Bulls so they are coming in at full steam. The Bulls need to get serious we need to go on a streak, maybe a 10 game winning streak! Like Atlanta did, they had a 19 game winning-streak it came to an end but hey, they are number 1 now.

John:Nobody has talked about Toronto.

Russell: That is right, them too. You see everyone is starting to get their guys back now. Everyone is getting healthy now so when Bulls get healthy it is time to roll now!

Vince: Both of you guys make great points. The Bulls don’t look as strong as they should be so they definitely are in need of a break, the all-star break so they can come back all systems go. By that time Mike Dunleavy should be back and people do not realize how important Mike Dunleavy really is now that they have been losing. The important thing about him was that he was a long range shooter and he is pretty accurate so, he stretches defenses because they have to pay attention to him. That opens lanes for your guards to drive and the Bulls have one of the best guard tandems, Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler, in the league. When defenses sag on them they are forced to shoot because they can’t drive into the lanes and these guys aren’t as accurate because they are streaky. With Mike Dunleavy he forces defenses to respect him because of his shot so he stretches defenses and therefore leaves lanes open for Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler to drive into the lane for easy baskets. Rose would drive into the lane create, dish, find the open guys and it is all because of Mike Dunleavy. We are looking at a team that is ready to hit it’s stride. With that being said, everyone is talking about Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks going to the NBA finals and these teams are like the cinderellas. They are jump shooting teams so when that shot is not falling they are in trouble. These guys are streaky, shooting is streaky. You are going to have guys that their shot is not going to fall.


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