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New Year’s Resolutions for Chicago Teams

Tue, Jan 13, 2015

The sports experts at StreetWise share their wishes for our teams in the new year.

Russell: The Bears need some old school coaching. It’s a disgrace, I am a Bear fan. They need to be mean and ferocious, not like a pussycat. I went to the Bears game, and they were behind 10. The fans were just booing, booing. I actually felt bad for the quarterback. They won, but if they hadn’t, I think it would have been chaos.

I think the Cubs are gonna be OK. They are spending money now. They are making the move. They need better managing, and coaching.

The White Sox, I am kinda proud of them too. They are spending money. What they need is a 3rd baseman. [Marcus] Semien is no good. He made 5 errors in one game!
They need someone like Matt Williams: consistent, has some homerun power and can catch.

John: I mention Mike Schmidt and George Brett because they are my all time favorites.

Russell: I agree. I like Mike Schmidt too.

The Hawks are set right now, but the goaltender still scares me. They need a quality goalie.

The bulls need to start winning at home!

John: Maybe the officiating needs to tone down! Stop over officiating! Cut back on calls and focus on the obvious, because the nitpicky stuff is turning 2-hour games into 4-hour games. We don’t pay to watch the officials!

I think my New Year’s resolution for the Chicago Bears is to start winning more at home too. And they need to quit turning the ball over and find balance with the runs and passes.

As far as the Cubs are concerned, I think the offense is set, but they need better starting pitching. For the White Sox, the resolution should be to put a fire into the guys. They need a manager that is just going to go out and kick butt.

The Bulls, your right Russ, really need to start wining at home. This isn’t the house that Jordan built anymore. Just win at home, baby! Win at home! They need to start clamping down on their defense.

Vince: The Bears need to resolve to let Mel Tucker go (their defensive coordinator), don’t waist time! The season ends on a Friday, Mel’s got a new job on Monday!

As far as the Cubs and Sox, let me tell you, shout out to them! They have been wheelin’ and dealin’! They should go to Vegas because they are in a gambling streak! I expect great things from the North and South Side of Chicago in 2015.

The Blackhawks, just keep doing what your doing. Get your guys healthy, then in the playoffs, sharpen your teeth and kick butt!

Bulls, pretty much the same thing. Get derrick Rose ready, and learn how to play 48min defense!

I want a championship of any kind.

Russell: I am with Vince. I want a championship. I want to see the Bulls win a championship, bad.


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