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Debating the Football Playoffs

Mon, Jan 26, 2015

Bill: So we are going to talk today about the ever evolving football playoffs. We are blue about the Bears being so far out of it! But we won’t talk about that. What games are you looking forward to?

Russell: I am looking forward to Green Bay. They are playing the Cowboys at Lambeau Field, it will be cold. Also Seattle and Carolina. I don’t know why Carolina is even there! They were 7-8, but they beat Arizona.

Bill: Is this going to be like Baseball, where the teams that barely made it, but are hot right now, will beat the ones that were hot all year?

Russell: Green Bay is still on top. But I think my favorites are Seattle.

John: I have to go with Russ on that. Seattle is definitely the favorite here. But Carolina has come into [the playoffs] hot. They won the last four regular season games and they won the previous weekend. But if this venue wasn’t in Seattle, where visitors have a slimmer chance of winning, I may have chosen them. But I think it will be Seattle because of home field advantage. I know I originally had Green Bay going to the championship, but Seattle has the home field now. So I think it will be Green Bay versus Seattle, with Seattle on top. For the AFC I wouldn’t count out Baltimore. When it becomes playoff time, they bring their best game.

Russ: I agree with John.

Bill: It is always interesting to compare teams to their past ranking, when many of the players aren’t even playing on that team anymore. It seems to me to be kind of shaky. I think who’s hot is what I will be following. So who is the hottest between New England and Baltimore?

John: Baltimore is play one in the playoffs. New England did lose the final week, but they weren’t worried about winning because they had the home field advantage through out the playoffs.

Who could be a dark horse to over turn this?

John: Baltimore is the ultimate dark horse. If they play Seattle in the Super Bowl, on a neutral site, I wouldn’t be surprised if Baltimore pulls out a win. They have the quarterback and head coach, if a team has that combo, they usually win.

Bill: How many games between now and the Super Bowl do they have to play and win to get in?

Russell: Just two more weeks, then there is a week off.
Bill: If I were to ask whom you would bet on to be Super Bowl Champs, who would it be? I already know what I am going to say…

Russell: If I were to take a bet on it, I would take Baltimore. On the point spread, I would take the underdog.

John: I would take the Baltimore too, especially if they are not playing Seattle.

Bill: I would bet on the field. I don’t know if any team mentioned will win. I’ll take the Colts! I have seen so many times that we think we know what’s going to happen, and then it doesn’t! You just don’t know! Like in Baseball, I would have never picked the Giants to win any of those times. It’s anyone’s guess, yet we are guessing and enjoying the conversation.


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