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College Football Playoffs

Mon, Jan 5, 2015

SportsWise with BillJohn: as you know right now, it is the final four teams in the college football playoffs: Ohio State Buckeyes against the crimson tide of Alabama, and the other match-up is Florida State’s Seminoles taking on the Oregon Ducks. I find these kind of fascinating how do you feel about it Russ?

Russell: I feel they got it right this time. Ohio State is quite a surprise! I don’t feel they have a chance against Alabama, though.

John: I would have done it a little differently. Florida State has not lost in almost 2 years. I would have had Ohio State take on Florida State, and Alabama against Oregon.

Russell: Florida State doesn’t wanna win until the 4th quarter. Oregon, Ohio and Alabama are blowing you out, but Florida State is barely winning their games. Between Oregon and Florida State, it should be a pretty tough one. They have 2 high power offences. Both have won the Heisman, so it will be pretty interesting. I gotta say, I think Florida State will come out on top. So I am predicting Alabama vs. Florida State. And the winner has got to be Alabama. They deserve it.

John: I have the match-up a little different then you. I think it will be Florida State against Alabama, but I think Florida State will take it all this year. I don’t know what it was about Jameis Winston this year, but you could throw the kitchen sink at him (and he wouldn’t stop). He always pulls it out at the end. I think the further behind Florida State gets behind, the more dangerous they are.

Vince: Florida State takes down Oregon, Ohio State wins, and then in the championship game, I’ll take Florida State. Almost the same as you John, but I had Ohio State. I think they are strong. They lost their quarterback, but then they came back. They may be one of those “Teams of Destiny.”

John: It’s like the San Francisco Giants staring me right in the face when you talk about “Teams of Destiny.” Not the best regular season team, but in the playoffs (they shine).

Russell: The cities (where the playoff games are held) are good because no one has home advantage. And the weather should be good. No one wants to play in cold weather! All the bowl games should be played in warm weather.

John: I agree. You can’t sit out there too long in the cold weather. You could get frostbite or other hazards too.

Russell: I went to a Bears game and I froze my butt off! But I’m a die-hard fan, so I made it through!


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