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SportWise on Booing

Wed, Dec 10, 2014

SportsWise with BillJohn: As you know the Chicago Bears had a bad first half against Miami several weeks back. At halftime, they were down 17-7, and as the Bears were leaving the field they hear nothing but rounds of boos … Kyle Long, one of the players, took offense to that … and I disagree. If you’re expected to do well, then you need to perform up to standard … We’re not talking college sports here or high school. If you’re at that level and getting paid for it, you better perform like you’re worth that kind of money.

Bill: If you were at the game, would you boo under those circumstances?

John: If I was a Bears fan, yes.

Bill: How about you, Russell?

Russell: I’m going to tell you like this. You pay so much money to go to the game, and you expect them to win, especially at home. You don’t get beat out at home like that, so I would probably boo.

Bill: You know I have a strong, strong personal revulsion at booing when there’s a specific play that people didn’t like. I don’t like booing at all myself, but I do agree that people have a right to boo, and as a player you better expect it. If I were a player and I screw up, I would expect to have booing. But as a fan, I just can’t stand the idea of my booing, and I do get upset when other people boo. A lot of guys will make an effort in baseball or in football where they’re going beyond their ability, really pushing hard … I see that the guy’s trying so hard that he’s overdoing it, and I just don’t feel like he deserves booing.

John: I think it’s apples and oranges. A lot of times when a player gives a great effort, for example, and either doesn’t make the play, I’m not talking about booing that person. I don’t think the fans would either.

Bill: I didn’t see that [Bears] game, but do you think that they were loafing and they weren’t trying?

Russell: They weren’t trying. He was coaching the game. Come on, man, you got a third down and one, and you’re going to pass the ball down the field and you don’t get nothing. You punt the ball to Miami and they score a touchdown. You got a running back. I would boo too.

Bill: So you would boo the coach.

Russell: I would boo the whole team, all the players in the game. Of course it was a bad call.

Bill: You’re holding the coaches responsible for bad calls.

Russell: It’s a team effort … I mean, you got some receivers out there, like Buckowski. You could throw a bad pass, but he’s going to get that ball. Other guys are just standing there waiting.

John: That’s probably why the boos seem to be such a hot topic with the Bears and not the New England Patriots. With New England, you’re always going to get the effort. You might not win the game, or the other team might be better, but you are always going to get that 100 percent effort with New England.

Bill: I can see, like in baseball when the guy loafs down to first, that might sanction a boo … But I don’t care how much somebody paid for a ticket that they got a right to boo. What is this? A boo ticket? Oh, I can have 15 boos because I spent $1,000 versus some poor turkey who’s watching down in the end zone.

Russell: If I’m going to go to a game and watch the game, it doesn’t matter the price, you pay to see a game. You want to see results … Maybe they’ll take note and straighten up.


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