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Tue, Dec 23, 2014

Topic: football playoffs

Bill: One of the things we want to look at is how the Bears have fared and what we’ve learned from the teams they’ve played. Russ, did you have some insights into what you’ve learned from the Bears efforts this year?

Russell: I might’ve forgotten. But I’m a Bears fan so I’m going to deal with it. It’s tough in this division. We got Green Bay and we got a good Detroit team, and in the NFC (National Football Conference) we got the Cowboys and the Eagles, and in the west, Seattle.

Bill: It’s always so maddening to look at these divisions.

John: I’m just looking at the Bears on the bright side. The teams that they’ve lost to so far have been playoff teams. They’ve lost to some good quality teams, like Green Bay, Detroit. They’ve also got another date with Detroit coming up. But as far as the playoffs go, this past week I saw the Green Bay ¬¬¬– New England game. That’s the Super Bowl right there. They’re the two best teams. They got the two best quarterbacks, they got running backs when they need to. They also got some excellent execution with the passing game. And they’re two teams that are very well coached.

Bill: Where is the game going to be played?

John: The Super Bowl will be played in Arizona this year,in Glendale.

Bill: So the weather won’t be as big an effect.

Vince: Which is funny because last year’s Super Bowl was for the first time in a cold environment, and now you go to the hottest environment. The devil will probably be sitting at the 50-yard line. But anyway, the Bears have lost to every playoff team they’ve played this year, except for San Francisco … But if you think about it, the Bears didn’t just lose to all those playoff teams barely. They got smoked.

Bill: Remember when we talked a few weeks ago about the balance the league has to try to keep to keep the teams competitive? Another way they do that is by the scheduling. You try to get higher draft picks if you came in last. Then you get an easier schedule.

John: But sometimes the teams that have a higher place try to trade down because they think that they can get more players, more bang for their buck … It’s not just about the draft now, though, because we have free agency.

Bill: What are some of the teams that no one guessed would be this good now?

Vince: I’m a little bit surprised. At the beginning of the season New England was struggling … Fortunes can turn in just a couple weeks time. Seattle started out 3 and 3, and then all of the sudden they’re 5 and 1, so they’re looking to dominate again. I don’t see too many more surprises happening again.

Bill: How about Detroit? It seems to me Detroit was lagging for a number of years, and didn’t the Bears play them early and everyone said, ‘Oh my god, we lost to Detroit!’

John: We only played them recently, we got one more game with them.

Russell: I don’t feel that way now … [Detroit is] playing the game.

Bill: So next time we’re going to talk about our Christmas wishes for the Bears


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