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Christmas Wish List

Mon, Dec 29, 2014

SportsWise with BillThe boys at SportsWise send out their Christmas wish list for our hometown teams.

Vince: So this is the real world, and the Bears are at the bottom of the division, so what I wish the Bears for Christmas is a defense, they NEED a defense! The Bulls need defense too. Last year the bulls never gave up points, but this year, they are giving up nearly a hundred points a game. They need to start winning at home too, home cooking should be the best cooking! The Blackhawks will be fine, as long as they don’t get hit by the injury bug too much more.

Now the Cubbies are trying to be a little too aggressive in the free agent market, I just hope they can get a nice relief pitcher, along with a completed Wrigley Field by opening day. And for the White Sox, Samardzija.

Russell: The White Sox needs good team leadership, and I think they have that right now. They also need a good relief pitcher. But they should be ok.

The Bears really do need a good defense; they need to start getting tough.

And the Bulls? They need to start winning! Cleveland took over the division, now we are in trouble.

John: The thing about the Chicago Bulls is the crowds in the NBA today; they aren’t the same as in the 70’s 80’s or even 90’s. Now a days, the crowds just kind of sit on their hands, they have a different mentality. Maybe a gift for them would be a way to stop Lebron James. He always finds a way to beat the bulls. I don’t know what it is about Lebron.

The Cubs…They could use some relief pitching, or pitching period. A tremendous Christmas gift for the cubs is to have a number one starter, a relief pitcher, and a bullpen that can hold it down. Same for the White Sox, although they have a stronger starting staff then the Cubs, but I think they need some good bullpen help.

The one thing as far as the Bears are concerned is they need a pass rusher.

We talked about Christmas gifts, now we should talk about predictions. Vince, I know how yours have gone so far!

Vince: Yeah… I told the Bears to win the division. Now if you turn the division up side down… But this is the real world. The Bears are at the bottom, and they are going to stay there and ride this season out. Green Bay and Detroit look very strong, I think they are shoe-in’s for the playoffs.

Russell: I had Detroit, but it’s no surprise Green Bay is where their at right now. Everybody knows Green Bay is gonna win division. Prediction is just the team you like. Deep down inside, you know, Green Bay wins it every year.

John: I do see your point, because my heart did go Detroit, but my head was going Green Bay. The only thing that surprised me about the division was Chicago in last place.

Vince: Parting shot again; White Sox Samardzija! Jeff Samardzija is going to look really great in a White Sox uniform.

Russell: I want to say good luck to the Cubs and Sox. Blackhawks are pretty good. And the Bulls, I am still behind them 100%.

John: The Bulls and Blackhawks are going to be playoff teams of course. The Bulls just have to step up their home game. And for the Blackhawks, all you need is a hot goalie and you’ll go far in the playoffs!


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