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Southwest Chicago Pads

Tue, Nov 11, 2014

Mission: Provide emergency food, clothing, and referrals for additional assistance to persons who are homeless. Prevent homelessness in our community by providing immediate referral assistance to persons facing a housing crisis. Make the wider community aware of the plight of people who are homeless and the need for advocacy on their behalf.

Annual Budget: $345,000

Key Campaigns: Annual fundraising campaigns along with local ecumenical and community third party benefits are held throughout the year. Non-cash donations and volunteers giving a day of service are also welcomed.

Executive Director: Karyn Perkins. Email: kperkins@swchicagopads.org

Contact: 3121 W. 71st St., Chicago, 60629. Phone: 773.737.7070. Email: info@swchicagopads.org


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