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Franciscan Outreach

Tue, Nov 11, 2014

Mission: To provide shelter, food and help in building a better life for our guests and helping to affirm the human dignity of people in need throughout Chicagoland. Franciscan Outreach has served Chicago’s homeless and marginalized for 51 years.

Annual Budget: $2,307,000

Key Campaigns:

  • Lawyers United for the Homeless receptions — visit website to find out more.
  • Sponsor a shelter bed for $500

    Upcoming Events:

  • Fall Dinner — November 13
  • Hops for the Homeless — Takes place in December on the South Side.
  • Third Annual Music Event — March
  • Spring Dinner — May
  • Chef Event — September

    Executive Director: Diana Faust, OFS. Phone: 773.278.6724 x15. Email: diana@franoutreach.org

    Contact: Administrative Offices: 1645 W. Le Moyne St. Phone: 773.278.6724. Email: foa@franoutreach.org. Community volunteer info: Visit www.franoutreach.org, click on “volunteer opportunities” and submit an application. The director of community volunteers and corporate relations is Merrill Gonzalez. Phone: 773.278.6724. Email: merrill@franoutreach.org. Website: www.franoutreach.org


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