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NHL Season Predictions

Tue, Oct 7, 2014

StreetWise vendors talk about sports in Chicago.StreetWise vendors know their sports! [Left to right] Vince Collaso, Russell Adams and John Hagan talk about which National Hockey League teams they think will be in the running for the Stanley Cup.

Vince: Now we just started the NHL. They just started their training camp, and the guys are on the ice, even though we just started the fall. So now the NHL is almost underway, and they’ll be underway soon. What are your top five picks?

John: Mine is No. 1, the Los Angeles Kings. They’re the defending Stanley Cup champs. Don’t forget they … were down 3-nothing, and they were all but eliminated … The Kings are very tough-minded. They have this confidence and swagger about them no matter what circumstances they are facing and no matter how far the odds are, they always find a way to come back and win. They’re also the champions, so until somebody can prove otherwise they’re my No. 1 team.

The Blackhawks No. 2 … I believe they would’ve won again this past spring if it wasn’t for the L.A. Kings. The Ducks are No. 3 in regular season time, but they got to show me something when it comes to playoffs. The Colorado Avalanche, I like the young players and the young talent. I think they’re a year or two away from actually being contenders for the Stanley Cup. And the only Eastern Conference team is Pittsburgh. I’m surprised they didn’t get into the Stanley Cup finals.

Vince: Russell, what do you think?

Russell: I pick the Blackhawks this year. Why? Because they play tough, too. They won Stanley Cups in the past, and Jonathan Toews showed me something last year. Every period he played, he played ‘em tough. So I think Hawks got a chance this time.
I think for the second, I pick the Kings. Like John said, they are tough. I agree with you, they are a hard team to beat. You think you got ‘em down and they come right back. Boom! … This time I need the Hawks to win. My third pick is the Pittsburgh Penguins. I like those guys. I don’t know why. They didn’t make it to the Stanley Cup last year. But every year they got me down. The fourth one is the Boston Bruins. They seem to always be there. Last but not least, Anaheim Ducks.

Vince: I’ll take the Hawks to be No. 1. The reason why is they’re not going to let the Kings get off the hook this time. The Kings had them three games … had them beaten, and the Hawks came screaming back. The Hawks will not let that happen two years in a row. The Hawks will come and get it. The Hawks are going to take it, and I believe they’re going to take the Cup as well.

The Kings I pick second, though, because the Kings are phenomenal. We can’t deny that. The Kings definitely put the Hawks on the ropes … The Anaheim Ducks, you know it’s kind of ironic, you look at one of the warmest cities in the National Hockey League, it’s Los Angeles, they don’t have much of a winter. Two of the top teams are the L.A. Kings and the Ducks …
It’s going to be a really competitive year. The National Hockey League is going to be really, really something. But I’m looking for the Hawks to come out and really show something, as they always tend to do.

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