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Bears Early Season Report Card

Tue, Oct 21, 2014

SportsWise teamStreetWise vendors know their sports! [Left to right] Volunteer Bill Coats and vendors Russell Adams, John Hagan and Vince Collaso talk about how the Chicago Bears are doing so far.

Vince: We’re a few games into the season. I think it’s a good time where we can start to assess what we’ve seen. Now since we’re talking about the hometown Bears, John, what do you think about the Bears and how they’ve started the season off?

John: Very inconsistent. I would give them a “D+” so far. They made some good plays, but they’ve also been able to commit too many turnovers, not just interceptions and fumbles, but the mental mistakes so far. It seems like they haven’t yet been able to correct their problems. They’re mental mistakes, but it needs to be corrected before the playoffs.

Vince: Russell, what’s your grade for the Bears for the season?

Russell: I hate to say it, but I got to give them a “D.” And not for “defense.” They play good for a half, like Sunday [October 5], they played good. Then the second half comes, and they disappear. And also, the coaches are making bad decisions. You got a first and goal on a 10-yard line, and you get nothing. The clock runs out. Now explain that to me.

Bill: Well, I would give them an “O,” not for “offense,” but for “offensive.” I think that the NFL right now is so much equity, so close, that a team like Carolina should’ve been — according to past records — an easy game [on October 5] … Somehow everybody thought they’d be a piece of cake.

John: Don’t forget there’s two teams as far as equity is concerned. I think there’s one really good one right now: Seattle. And there’s one really, really bad: Oakland. But for the most part, you’re right about equity, but I don’t think it’s as much as so-called experts claim it is.

Bill: I wouldn’t bet right now on any team that the Bears are going to play because I don’t know who’s going to show up. I just don’t feel confident that we know enough right now to make any longer-term predictions because anybody could fold, including Green Bay.

Vince: With the Bears right now, I guess you could call it “cheesehead heaven.” The Packers are ahead in the early season, and the Bears are behind, and Packer fans are talking so much mess. The grade I’d give [the Bears], I’d give them a “C.” They’ve had good points, they’ve had bad points. We’ve talked about a team that’s figuring out its way. To be honest with you, they’re not in a division where anybody is running away with the record. Nobody’s undefeated and scaring the league. Because of that parody you guys just mentioned, I think the Bears are still within striking distance. They’ve had their sucky moments, but they’ve also had their brilliant moments. Remember the Frisco game. So because of that, I’m going to give the Bears a “C,” and hopefully they can pull it together and start becoming more consistent … It could be a C for being optimistic or pessimistic. It could be a “C” for “cheesehead.”

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