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SportsWise: NBA – roundtable on the Cavaliers, the Heat & the Bulls

Tue, Sep 23, 2014

StreetWise vendors know their sports! [Clockwise] John Hagan, Russell Adams, Vince Collaso and Moderator Bill Coats talk about three hot teams in the NBA.

StreetWise vendors talk about sports in Chicago. Vince: So, what we basically want to talk about is: the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat will take each other on. What do you think about that?

John: LeBron coming back to Miami where he played there for several years. Coming back to the team where he was originally drafted, right? It’s going to be interesting. You could call this a LeBron bowl down in South Beach.

Vince: Yes, it’s been said that Kevin Love will be going to the Cavaliers. They seem to have a fully stocked team. What do you think, Russell?

Russell: It would be pretty interesting to see how Heat fans treat LeBron. I think they will probably treat him fairly.

Bill: You think so? There seems to be more than meets the eye in Miami. Additionally, what was announced was that the Lakers and the Bulls are hitting heads on Christmas.

John: It depends because of Kobe Bryant. But, I don’t think that he is the same Kobe Bryant as he was three years ago, plus you got Derrick Rose – he has come back from injuries. But we don’t know how good he’s going to be. Plus we got Doug McDermott as an addition to the Bulls, but what do you guys think?

Bill: Well this is my own feeling and I’ve said this before. I think that if Rose is half as good as he was before, then he is coming back to a stronger team. So I disagree with you and think that the Bulls will come back and have the high post and have some two shooters on the outside. I think that they will be a formidable force.

Russell: I agree, even with D-Rose. And technology is different then it was back then. You can take a pounding, and have injuries and come back. Just wait and see. Their point averages will go up because he has nothing better to do when he is hobbling around.

Bill: (*laughs*) I’m 73 and I’m hitting three pointers a lot better because that’s all I can do. And the Bulls still have the shooter Mike Dunleavy – he’s a force.

Vince: They have a lot of shooters and they have a style like San Antonio. They copy the moves from other great teams; so the Bulls have amassed a bunch of shooters but they also have muscle because they’re in the Eastern Conference. So they have a good mix of shooters and muscle. I saw Derrick Rose with the U.S. team and his feet were on fire. He took the ball from one place to the other.

Russell: One more thing about the Bulls, the Bulls play good defense and the past two seasons they made the playoffs. No offense, but good defense kept them there. And now, they look even better.

Bill: So our rankings from a couple weeks ago still stand.


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