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Russell Adams: A StreetWise Super Seller

Thu, Sep 4, 2014

Russell Adams StreetWise Vendor StreetWise Vendor Russell Adams is one of the most dedicated, determined and driven human beings that you will ever meet. He’s been with StreetWise for nearly 20 years and currently works in the Loop selling StreetWise magazine.

His incredible work ethic has earned him a part-time position on the StreetWise staff doing maintenance and janitorial work. He is also a Quality Assurance Team captain, which means that he works to support and manage new StreetWise vendors.

Russell is also very passionate and knowledgeable about sports and he has spearheaded a new editorial program called “SportsWise” in which 3 or 4 StreetWise vendors get together each week to talk about a current topic in the sports industry. Their 20-minute discussion is recorded and the highlights of this conversation are printed in StreetWise magazine for the readers to enjoy. At the bottom of the page, readers will also find the link to the recorded conversation that they may download as a podcast.

Russell is very friendly, fun, and kind-hearted man. If you see him, don’t hesitate to say “hello!”


4 Responses to “Russell Adams: A StreetWise Super Seller”

  1. Cindy Olsen says:

    I look forward to buying my StreetWise from Russell every week, and enjoy reading his commentary in SportsWise.

  2. Luiza Santos says:

    Russell always has a smile on his face every time I walk by. He’s such a refreshing figure in the Loop.

  3. Sally Roussakis says:

    Russell, is always on that corner. Every year he gives his regulars a Christmas Card. That is so sweet and kind of him. Great Guy!!!! I known him about 12 yrs.

  4. Colleen Duffy-Kowalski says:

    Russell Adams is the kindest man. My family has known him close to eight years. His smile, sweetness, generosity, love for his family, as well as, his incredible dedication to his service at Streetwise should not be overlooked. He served
    Our country proudly and continues to serve the community everyday. He is truly the top vendor actuLly top gentleman in The Kowalski family. We honor him with our viote from the 4 of us.!

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