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Bears: Playoff Potential

Tue, Sep 30, 2014

SportsWise: Bears -- Playoff PotentialStreetWise vendors know their sports! [Clockwise] Vince Collaso, Russell Adams and John Hagan ­— along with Moderator Bill Coats (not pictured) — talk about the Bears victory over the 49ers and Charles Tillman’s future.

BILL: Today we are sitting here very pleased with the outcome of the Bears efforts against the San Francisco 49ers. Russell, how surprised were you?

RUSSELL: You know how I am. I say anything could happen. You got to play the game. You know you’re a better team on paper, but you still got to play the game, so I wasn’t really worried about it. I was surprised, though, by the defense in the second half.

VINCE: They were down 17-nothing, and they came back. They outscored the 49ers 28 to 3. Now that’s grown-man football. That’s what you call grown-man football. You pull it together, and [Jay] Cutler all of the sudden shows that he’s worth the money, at least in this game.

BILL: It wasn’t like in some of the old days when we were all defense or all offense, but this was both, wasn’t it?

VINCE: Yeah, it was a very balanced game, and that leads to great expectations for the future. You’re talking about a team that we know they can put points on the board. We know they can do that, okay, that’s a given. But when they can shut teams down, you’re looking at a team that’s a playoff contender.

BILL: So we got one great-looking quarterback, but we lost somebody, too.

VINCE: Yeah, Charles Peanut Tillman. The man was crying on the sidelines. It’s unfortunate he’s had two bad injuries similar in the last two years, and this may be it for his career. He had some really great years. I loved the fact that he was able to punch that ball out and create turnover. Please watch videos of him playing as a young guy because he’d punch that ball out.

JOHN: Speaking of Tillman, he also was the heart and soul of that defense. Without him who knows who they would take the leadership from? Brian Urlacher, I never thought he was a leader.

RUSSELL: He mentored some of these young guys, mentored them. But you know what, though? Even after he got hurt, he still played good.

VINCE: I’d like to see them keep Tillman aboard as a sort of coach. He is still on the contract, so at least this year he can’t play, but at least he can give the guys tips and stay in the fold.

JOHN: They can do with him what the Dallas Cowboys used to do with their coaches like Mike Ditka and Dan Reeves. They went from being players when they retired to head coaches. Maybe there’s still a job for Tillman either as defensive coordinator. I think that would be a good solution for the Bears.

VINCE: Notice that most superstar players don’t become great coaches.

BILL: That’s true. That’s true.

JOHN: They don’t have patience. A lot of the superstars like Michael Jordan, they’re not as patient. Whereas if you’re a mediocre player like Pat Riley was, he became a good coach because he had patience. You can relate more to those who are trying to make it.

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