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SportsWise: Cubs and Sox joining forces in 2014?

Thu, Jun 26, 2014

Vince Collaso (left) and Russel Adams (right) are StreetWise's resident sports enthusiasts

Vince Collaso (left) and Russel Adams (right) are StreetWise’s resident sports enthusiasts

StreetWise Vendors not only know this city, but they know their sports! Vince Collaso and Russell Adams talk Cubs and Sox and offer some unique insight into the season.

RUSSELL: If the Cubs win the World Series, the fans will tear this town apart. There’s a lot of Cubs fans worldwide.

VINCE: The Sox have had their struggles, but they’ve had some wins. Like 2005, it snuck up on everybody. We didn’t expect it. [I’m more of a Cubs fan] only because I’m hoping. I was wearing my Cubs hat in 2003 and that game, you know what I’m talking about. Game 6. When they dropped the ball and they lost that lead, I took my Cubs hat and I flung it against the screen with tears in my eyes, “They made me sick.” and I’m 40 years old. I was so ready, I had bought a new Cubs hat, I was ready. And I’m still holding out that hope, but it’s going to take a while.

The thing that interests me about the Chicago Cubs is that they break the rule of every sports team ever. Here’s a team that loses every year, but the fans still come, they draw 2 million, they keep coming. The fans love the team through thick and thin. The Cubs can be in last place and the fans treat them like they’re in first place.
They’ll probably end up moving [Samardzija], but I hate to see it.

R: Why would they?

They can get 5 players with that money.

R: But they might be 5 busters! Might be a lot of money that doesn’t do nothing.

V: It’s like getting rid of a really pretty girlfriend. The moment you lose her, you see her with another guy, and say, “Man, she was so fine. I miss her so much.” And that could happen with Samardzija. You could look up and see him pitching in the World Series, throwing bbs.

M: Looking at statistics, if you put the Cubs’ pitching and the Sox’s hitting…

Oh yeah, they’d be a beast. The Cubs have the pitching, and the Sox have the hitting, and you keep Chris Sale though, and my goodness, they’d be unstoppable. “The Cox,” you could call them.

I want that World Series banner on my wall. It’s missing. I have a collection. I have 6 Bulls up there, and 5 Bears, 2 Blackhawks, and no Cubs.

There’s one thing about baseball that gets me. I think the stumbling block for the Sox and the Cubs is, you’re building from your minor leagues, and that’s always a good thing. But the big winning teams always, every once in a while, sign somebody from the free agent pool. You have to get that veteran that’s preapproved, especially if he’s a good guy and likes to talk to the youngsters and inspire them. Sometimes the Cubs and Sox front office, they play close to the vest, they play safe.

Any final predictions for the rest of the season?

I’ve been a Cubs fan for a long time now, I watched them back in the 60’s. I believe they’re going to be okay this year. They’re not winning the World Series, but they might make a move in the playoffs. They have an extra wildcard time this year, so they have another chance. And look at the division, they have a chance!

I’m hopeful that the Cubs get a nice hot streak. It changes things. That di- vision is winnable. St. Louis is not as strong; the Cubs, with a nice hot streak can get right in the mix.

The Sox will break 500, but they don’t have a chance getting into the playoffs. Their league is too tough, split really bad, and there’s just not enough wild cards.

I want to say one last thing though—I am a Chicago fan. A real fan is a fan who loves their teams whether they win or lose. That’s me. Make sure you get that comment.

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