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Thu, Apr 3, 2014

Jimmie BecklessThank you to Brian Mitchell for sending us this photo of himself and StreetWise Vendor Jimmie Beckless (right). Brian wrote:

“I just want to drop a note about the great job Jimmie Beckless performs, day in and day out, at the Taylor Street Starbucks selling StreetWise. Jimmie is a welcome addition to my morning. He always has a smile and a friendly word to everyone that stops by.

And it’s not just the people who buy his paper, but everyone. If he knows you on a personal level, he asks about your family, and shares the latest on his own. Jimmie is an example of seizing an opportunity and making the most of it. I applaud his efforts and SteetWise for giving him the chance to improve his current situation.

Hands down, Jimmie is the shining example of what all SteetWise vendors should be.”


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