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Elegant Enigmas: The Art of Edward Gorey

Thu, Apr 3, 2014

Gorey book cover illustration from LUMA exhibition 'G is for Gorey.' Photo: Brittany Langmeyer.

Gorey book cover illustration from LUMA exhibition ‘G is for Gorey.’ Photo: Brittany Langmeyer.

Featuring Gorey’s illustrations and stories, LUMA describes the work on display as having a “Victorian and Edwardian sophistication while maintaining a delicate yet witty balance between the hilarious and the horrific.” Elegant Enigmas features over 170 works, including original pen-and-ink illustrations, preparatory sketches, unpublished drawings, sketchbooks, illustrated envelopes, book-cover ideas, theatrical costume designs, and ephemera – all drawn from the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust.

“Edward Gorey may not be a household name, but his art is easily identified by lovers of dark, cautionary tales and by viewers of PBS’s Mystery! (now Masterpiece Mystery),” wrote Ambrose in The Lumanary, the LUMA magazine. The introduction to the show is comedic, yet haunting, and includes the sneaking, creepy villain and a frail Edwardian heroine.

Gorey’s influence and style can also be seen in notable pieces of today’s most popular cinema and literature. Filmmaker Tim Burton and writer Lemony Snicket (David Handler) – both known for their grisly, yet playful styles – have both tipped their hats to Gorey as a direct inspiration to many of their famous and popular modern work.


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