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Vendor Profile: Priscilla Orr, A new job and a new chapter

Thu, Jan 30, 2014

Priscilla OrrFor the past three years, Priscilla Orr has consecutively won the StreetWise Female Vendor of the Year Award for her determination, ambition and impressive work ethic. It is because of these qualities that Priscilla recently came into full-time employment.

How did you find your new job?
A woman named Rebecca said she had been watching me [sell StreetWise magazine] every day for the past year. I had no idea that this person was watching me this whole time and she would never say anything to me. She said didn’t know how I could do it, rain, sleet or snow. She said, “You’re on time. You’re smiling, even in the cold. I know some people that are hiring. I would like to help you get a job.” So she came back the next day and told me that she had given a company my name and phone number and so I went in and filled out the application.

I had told my customers from StreetWise that I’d like to get some written recommendations from them, so they brought me many and I brought them to the interview with me. And they looked at the recommendations and they were really impressed by what they had read. The recommendations stated how good of a worker I was and how hard I work and that I was out there everyday. And they believed that I would be a good person for this job. I am now a TSA, which is a Transportation Service Agent for Arrow Messenger Company.

How was the transition from StreetWise to your new job?

Because I’d done StreetWise for over three years, I was happy about the new job, because I want to excel and I love what I’m doing now. But at the same time, I was also sad about leaving StreetWise, because I’ve met the most wonderful, loving, great people that you would ever want to meet. And even though I’ve got a wonderful job now and I’m grateful to be here and I’m so happy, I will never, ever forget them.

What would you say to others to encourage them to come to StreetWise?
Don’t give up. You keep at it and keep working and know that with God, all things are possible. If you stay at it, something good will come about and you will progress. StreetWise is a great program to be in and there’s some wonderful people who work there and some wonderful vendors. And a lot of them gave me encouragement and told me, “You can do it, stick with it!” [To my StreetWise vendor friends], I love you all and I hope the best for you. I just hope that each and every one of them also excels and moves forward and goes in the right and better direction. I want to let people know how good StreetWise is and how you never know who you might meet.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank for helping you on your journey?
First of all, I just want to say that God is at the head of my life. He has been a very, very important part of all of this and I want to give Him the glory and praise for everything that has happened in my life and is about to happen in my life.

Also, StreetWise has been great and they’ve got my prayers and blessings. I want to tell StreetWise that I love you all so very much and I want to tell all of my StreetWise customers that I will never, every forget them and I thank them for everything. You’ve all done so much for me to be here.

Brittany Langmeyer
StreetWise Publisher


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