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StreetWise Feature: Thanksgiving, Vendors reflect on the good in their life

Fri, Jan 31, 2014

Thanksgiving and The Way of the Lights
By James Metzgar

StreetWise Vendor James MetzgarAs we approach Thanksgiving, we should not only be thankful for all of our blessings, we should also think of other people less fortunate than ourselves. At this time of year we receive many solicitations, among them, requests for contributions to Thanksgiving dinners for those who might not have a dinner otherwise. While I cannot afford to contribute to every solicitation I receive, I am making it a point to make contributions for Thanksgiving dinners.

I realize that except for the grace of God, I could be in a needful situation, and I would then be the one to appreciate help from more fortunate people. It makes me happy to know I have helped other people have something to be thankful for even if I cannot see the results directly.

At times I have volunteered serving holiday meals, although I have not done so lately as I have been going out of town for Thanksgiving. I go by Amtrak to St Louis. From St. Louis I take local transportation to the shrine of “Our Lady of the Snows” which is located across the river from St. Louis, in Belleville, Illinois.
I usually enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant in Belleville before I go to the shrine to see the lights. The beautiful tradition of the “Way of Lights” is celebrated at the shrine for the entire season.

Being Thankful Here and Now

By A. Allen

Being thankful starts with the here and now. I am thankful that I am here, right now, in this writing workshop with Marcie and James. I am learning writing skills that will enable me to spread my gratitude from my heart to yours with written communication.Andy Allen

I have gratitude for my life, health and strength. I am joyful when I think of the importance of thankfulness. When I am thankful, I have no worries. Life, health and strength enable me to participate in my A.A. Meeting, my running group and talking to my mother on the phone. These are small things, but I am so grateful they exist in my life.

Today I don’t look at what’s missing. Instead, I appreciate what is here and now. Thanksgiving is a good time of year to be thankful, but we can enjoy Thanksgiving everyday in every way. Being thankful has no beginning or end, being thankful starts with the here and now.


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