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British School donates coats to StreetWise

Wed, Jan 29, 2014

British School donates coats

Eleventh grade students of the British School with StreetWise Executive Director Jim LoBianco (second from left).

During this cold winter weather, many of our StreetWise vendors are clad in warm coats, often received by the generous donations of our supporters. We’d especially like to send a heartfelt “thank you” to the 11th graders of the British School of Chicago for donating close to 550 coats to our organization.

“As part of our International Baccalaureate Diploma [Program], students have to do a creative action and service project,” said Rebecca Palmet, the IB Coordinator for the British School. “This year, our Juniors had to organize [and motivate] the students to go home and talk to their parents about why they should give a coat. The older students have seen people on the street corners selling StreetWise, so they really liked the idea that it was going to people who have a genuine need for coats. We felt it was a really good match.”

Palmet explained that the coat drive is not only a valuable initiative to help the needy, but it also taught an important lesson to the young people who participated. “[The students] were really encouraging our families to go and give a coat. And our families really like it, because it gives them the opportunity to start that conversation [with their children about giving],” said Palmet.

What’s more is that the British School not only works to challenge its students academically, but to give them a deeper perspective into social issues. “We want to develop our students holistically and make sure that they are well-rounded and that they understand… that there is social inequality out there and that we can work together and have empathy for others,” said Palmet. “So it was a really good experience for them and one that we would definitely like to do again next year.”

Brittany Langmeyer
StreetWise Publisher


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