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My Dream: vendors reflect on power of King’s speech

Fri, Nov 8, 2013

Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, StreetWise vendors used the power of repetition to describe themes important to them. Volunteer Marcie Bearman leads the writing workshop that meets on Mondays at the StreetWise offices.

Be Mindful

By Vaniecee Warren

Vaniecee Warren 1Be mindful: When someone is poor without money or means, that one deserves your pity, and be sure to give help or charity.
Be mindful : You can provide an opportunity for the poor. You can help them to put up or save money to accumulate things they need.
Be mindful: Do not look down on the poor. Respect that poverty may have taught them to save any extras left over after basic needs were budgeted. Your help will be put to good use.
Be mindful: it is so hard to turn poverty around. There is an enormous and varied population living in poverty including senior citizens, single, couples and entire families.

Violence. Who Needs It?

By A. Allen

Andy AllenViolence. Who needs it?
When countries can no longer sustain the expense and damages fighting their wars and killing each other, the leaders realize the insanity and sacrifice of senseless killing. Then they must come to grips with their higher nature and think of nonviolent ways to resolve their conflicts. This is when leaders come to the table to negotiate with a little give and take. The conclusion is: enough is enough.
Violence. Who needs it?

When drug dealers sell drugs and make millions, and see other drug dealers doing the same, they determine there is not enough money for both drug lords and they decide to shut each other down. The drug lords will use any means necessary to be in control, including killing each other, the people who work for them, and innocent citizens. We do not need these drug dealers in our communities.

Violence. Who needs it?
When gang members dress in colors, hat tilts, and tattoos, and they see you and think your colors, tilts and tats don’t match theirs, you can pay the ultimate price in a drive by shooting. This happens because often these gang members, as children, were misled or misdirected in their search for personal identity and self esteem. Colors, Tilts and Tats, are they worth a life?
Violence. Who needs it?

When dope fiends want a fix so badly they are willing to strong-arm and rob another, when victims resist and the situation gets out of hand, people get hurt or killed. You wonder why the drug addict did not go get some help for the drug problem.
Violence. Who needs it?

Violence rarely ever solves problems; violence creates more problems.

Violence. Who needs it?

This Is My Hope

By James Metzgar

Arnold Donaldson 2This is my hope: That everyone of working age will be able to find a job.
This is my hope: That everyone of working age will be able to get training to get a job.
This is my hope: That nobody who wants a job will be discriminated against for employment on the basis of age, gender, race, or religion.
This is my hope: That those who have gone astray from the law in the past will be able to work if they are now committed to rehabilitation and following the law.
This is my hope: That senior citizens who wish to continue to work will be able to do so and therefore continue to be contributing members of society.
This is my hope: That those who are out of work will find assistance in finding new employment and sufficient financial support to tide them over.
This is my hope: That those who have special needs will get the assistance they need to be gainfully employed.


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