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Purchase StreetWise on your Smartphone using PayPal

Fri, Oct 4, 2013

Click HERE to see the full tutorial

  • (1) Each vendor has a unqiue code. Get the vendor’s 4-digit www.streetwise.org/purchase/vendorcode (i.e. www.streetwise.org/purchase/1234). Enter the amount you’d like to pay – tips are accepted. Click “buy now.”
  • (2) You may either Pay with PayPal or Pay with a Card. With either method of payment, StreetWise will have your email information, NOT your bank information… Also, there is a $20 max.
  • (3) Log in and/or fill out your information based on your chosen form of payment. Note, some fees may apply.
  • (4) Show the confirmation screen to the vendor to get your copy of StreetWise. Thank you!

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  1. Ryan says:

    Percy 5653 is awesome.

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