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Jimmy Beckless: reunited with his daughter

Wed, Jun 5, 2013


Jimmy Beckless reconnected with his daughter after many years of searching for her in an effort to move forward and ‘do the right thing.’

His daughter India, now 23, has been in search of her dad since she was 16 years old.

She finally got in touch with him via Facebook where she typed in the last name “Beckless.” India found her dad’s cousin on Facebook with the same last name and through him she was able to get her father’s contact information.

In a phone interview with India, she explained why she wanted to get in touch with her dad. “I think it’s just important to know who your father is, especially before it’s too late,” India said.

Jimmy always had hopes of reconnecting with his daughter over the past eight years, but never found a way. “I had cleaned myself up and started searching for her, but I could not find her,” Jimmy said.

Years before this, he had drifted off into a different world where his addictions had more command over his life compared to anything else. However, as time passed Jimmy was able to clean himself up and get back to the real world.

Jimmy simply wanted to turn his life around. “As a responsible father, it was my job to reconnect with my family so this is what I’ve done. I’ve reconnected with my mom, with my brother, and with my sisters. The Lord has blessed me and I’m closer with my family now,” Jimmy said.

India, who lives in Arkansas, has not been able to meet her father in person yet. Plans for Jimmy and India to reunite have been set for this summer. India hopes to come up to Chicago with her four children so that Jimmy can meet not only her, but also his four new grandchildren.

Over the past three months they have been in touch, communicating over the phone and online. “We try to talk every other day, at least three times a week,” Jimmy said.

Both Jimmy and India are excited to now be a part of each others lives and look forward to continuing a lasting father-daughter relationship.

“She said she’s proud of me, that I came out of the slum I was in. She holds no grudge against me. She just wants to know her dad and that just makes me happy,” Jimmy said.

India also mentioned her first impression of her dad and why she’s excited to continue a relationship with him.

“I am proud of him because some fathers would just ignore their daughter but he accepted me and wanted to get to know me and always makes an effort to call me back,” India said.

If you’d like to support Jimmy and visit him in person, he currently sells StreetWise at the intersection of Taylor and Loomis.

Kristen Kaczynski & Brittany Langmeyer
StreetWise Editorial Intern & StreetWise Staff


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