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Issue: April 10 – 16, 2013

April 10 - April 16, 2013-1

Inside this issue:

This week’s issue features former Chicago Broadcast journalist Peter Nolan and how he describes Chicago’s ethnic breakdown before Mayor Washington and outlines reasons for Washington’s success in an interview based on his book.

Click HERE to read “Magnetism helped Harold Washington overcome obstacles.”

Click HERE to read, “Washington’s legacy depends on us.”

“Harold Washington’s new coalition: ‘Mayor for all Chicago’ brought new peoples, new resources to the table”

The following articles are excerpts from a series of StreetWise-exclusive interviews with Timuel Black, Jacky Grimshaw, Alton Miller, Don Rose, Dick Simpson, and Laura Washington. Each figure was intimately familiar with the Washington administration, and offers unique insight into Harold Washington and the Chi- cago he ran. Interviews by Franni O’Toole.

Click on each name to read their interview:

Timuel Black
Jacky Grimshaw
Alton Miller
Don Rose
Dick Simpson
Laura Washington
Mark PoKempner

Click HERE to view a Photo Essay by: Marc PoKempner

To read the stories from our April 10 issue, click any of the following links:

Vendor Profile: Jason Metzdorff: finding luck with StreetWise


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