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Issue: March 20 – March 26, 2013

March 20 - March 26, 2013-1

Inside this issue:

This issue features The Hunger Issue. As this issue continues to grow for the homeless and poor, human services providers ask Mayor Emanuel for a unified answer.

Click HERE to read “Hunger is growing for homeless and poor: Human service providers to Rahm: ‘tenor of hostility’ hurts their work”

Click HERE to read “FB rally supports 46th ward poor”

Click HERE to read “LAC still fighting for Chateau”

To read the stories from our March 20 issue, click any of the following links:

From the Streets: Jimmie Williams, known for helping others

From the Streets: Troy resurrected his life with kindness and strength

From the Streets: St. Bernard’s Dental Clinic gives children their smile

Vendor Contributions: Why am I afraid?

Vendor Profile: Steve Allen: a man and his dog


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