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Vendor Essay by Greg Nelson: Why Street Papers Are Important

Sun, Feb 10, 2013

StreetWise hosts a writing workshop for StreetWise participants to learn, practice and strengthen their compositional skills. Every Monday, Volunteer Marcie Bearman leads the workshop, which has grown quite popular. The following essay was written during the workshop in honor of Street Paper Vendor Week 2013.

As a Street Paper Vendor I have learned that people are very supportive. I sell my papers in the De Paul area. The students there are particularly supportive and generous. The students really love StreetWise and what it tries to accomplish as an organization. Lots of people think there are fewer gangs and panhandlers in the area now, partly because of the StreetWise presence.

My customers like to read what vendors write themselves. They want to hear the stories vendors are willing to share about their lives. One of my customers liked my article about gun control that was printed in StreetWise. This customer is a good friend of President Obama’s and said he was going to send my article to the President! He hoped it would give President Obama some good ideas!

Being a vendor gives me the opportunity to share my own ideas with the public in person. When I attend the writing workshop, I have the opportunity to be published in the magazine. In my line of work I have the chance to meet everyday people on the street and sometimes I meet very influential people in my neighborhood.

Working as a vendor has helped me to be able to afford shelter. I am so thankful to my customers for their generosity and support.

By StreetWise Vendor Gregory Nelson

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