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Vendor Essay by Gaby Carroll: Why Street Papers Are Important

Fri, Feb 8, 2013

StreetWise hosts a writing workshop for StreetWise participants to learn, practice and strengthen their compositional skills. Every Monday, Volunteer Marcie Bearman leads the workshop, which has grown quite popular. The following essay was written during the workshop in honor of Street Paper Vendor Week 2013.

My customers like to read stories about the vendors. They want to know how we are doing and where we live.
One of my customers told me he liked an article he read about stand up comedy in jail. The article was from a street paper in Scotland that we printed in our magazine. He read about Scotland in our paper! He thought it was “cute” that people did comedy in jail. He really likes the magazine and buys it every week!!!

By StreetWise Vendor Gaby Carroll

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