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StreetWise Valentine’s Fundraiser a success

Wed, Feb 27, 2013

StreetWise PR/Marketing Intern Kelly Ahlman and Director of Marketing Brittany Langmeyer

Pools of slush and ice gripping the streets of Lincoln Park didn’t stop Chicagoans from supporting StreetWise Magazine at “Va Va Valentine,” a fashion-forward event to kick-off the new year and raise money for a great cause, held at Langford Market on Armitage, Thursday, Feb. 7.

StreetWise partnered with Langford Market – one of many stores under the AA Concepts umbrella – to host an evening full of new spring visions, fresh ideas, delicious cupcakes and drinks. BlueMercury Makeup store and spa also collaborated to offer guests makeovers during the event. What was even more exciting was that 15 percent of the proceeds went directly to StreetWise, encouraging customers to add to their purchases.

Shoppers Bela Gandhi and Kay Yasin

Langford Market’s unique atmosphere invites women of all ages to enjoy the luxuries of high quality and reasonably priced merchandise. Brittany Langmeyer, director of marketing and design for StreetWise says it’s perfect to bring awareness about the magazine to a broader demographic.

“My goal for 2013 was to attract younger adults, because I feel like that is this demographic that has the largest misunderstanding of StreetWise and what we do,” Langmeyer said.

Kelly Ahlman, 20, the public relations and marketing intern for StreetWise, knows first-hand the importance of bringing awareness of the publication to a younger generation.

“It’s a really cool organization… we actually help people… it’s a good cause, and I thought it was really interesting to work for a nonprofit and it’s giving back to a lot of people,” Ahlman said.

What better place to draw in a younger crowd than the center of Lincoln Park’s fashion hub? Women can be seen walking down Armitage with shopping bags dangling from their arms and small dogs in tow as they shop the latest trends.

Shopping at Langford Market to help a great cause like StreetWise made for an entertaining evening for Kristen Preble, 28, who heard about the event through Stimulus Social Club on Facebook. “I live a couple blocks down the street and I walk by a lot,” Preble said of Langford Market. Though she doesn’t read StreetWise on a weekly basis, Preble said that she is aware of the company and that it drew her into shopping at Langford Market.

The Langford Market team (Danielle Henry second from left)

The number of diverse women in the store was refreshing to see, as shoppers varied in age, style and personality.

“Langford Market is our most versatile store. It caters to the college girl, the young professional, moms, to sassy grandmas,” said Claudine Smack, 39, field training coordinator (FTC) for Langford Market. “We sell on-point, trendy, fashion.”[The employees] all said hello, immediately took my coat for me, gave me a drink,” Corzo said.

Crossfader King DJ Ben Stepnowski

Trying on new dresses and enjoying all of the colors that Langford Market introduced for spring, customer Melly Corzo, 24, said it was a great place to hold a fundraising event.

“I think customer service is really important, and they are very attentive here.

“Langford Market reached out to me maybe three or four months ago and they said that they wanted to find an organization in the city that they could plan a fundraiser for,” Langmeyer said. “It was so coincidental because I had wanted to throw an event for StreetWise.

As the evening continued, cupcakes were consumed and champagne poured as the number of people stopping in grew and the purchases piled up.

Guests enjoying themselves Photos: Tyler Furlan

“The energy is really good,” said Danielle Henry, 24, store manager. “Mixing spring looks with a charitable endeavor makes people feel the need to buy.”

“The main goal is the donation and to raise money for StreetWise,” Henry said.

“The money is great but it’s about awareness. It’s important to me to get those young women and young men aware and involved with StreetWise,” Langmeyer added.

Written by Molly Brewer,
StreetWise Contributor


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