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StreetWise Quality Assurance Team

Wed, Feb 27, 2013

Meet the StreetWise Quality Assurance Team (Q.A.T.).The mission of the Q.A.T. is to ensure quality in the areas of sales, security, vendor training, recruitment, vendor image, community relations and vendor locations by working as a team to assist our fellow vendors in helping them help themselves while always displaying a model for change. There are a total of sixteen Q.A.T. members. Pictured in this photo are, from left to right: Greg Nelson, Jason Metzdorff, Alexandria Banks, Arnold Donaldson, John Patton (captain), Director of Vendor Services Gregory Pritchett, Don Nelson, Melinda Rogers, Russell Adams, Don Smith and Ahmand Mayfield. The other Q.A.T. members not pictured include Linda Fisher, Troy Dixon El (captain), Clifton Turner, Lawrence Brown (captain), Steve Williams and Chorise Stewart.


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