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Wed, Feb 27, 2013

Jacque Fresco

Any attempt to depict the future direction of civilization must include a straightforward description of the probable evolution of our culture without embellishment, propaganda, or national interest. We must reexamine our traditional habits of thought if we wish to avoid the consequences that will occur if we do not prepare for the future. It is unfortunate that most of us try to shape or envision this future within our present social framework, attempting to maintain values and traditions that reflect the past. Such superficial changes tend to perpetuate the problems of today. The challenges we face today cannot be answered by antiquated notions and values that are no longer relevant.

Imagine a new planet with the same carrying capacity as Earth, and that you are free to design a new direction for society on this planet. You can choose any shape or form. The only limitation imposed upon you is that your proposed, alternative social design must correspond to the carrying capacity of that planet. This new planet has more than adequate arable land, clean air and water, and an abundance of untapped resources. This is your planet. You can rearrange the entire social order to correspond to whatever you consider the best of all possible worlds. Not only does this include environmental modification, but also human factors, interpersonal relationships and the restructuring of education.

This need not be complicated. It can be an uncluttered approach, unburdened by any past or traditional considerations, religious or otherwise. This is a prodigious project, perhaps calling for the introduction of many disciplines, applied to the way the inhabitants of your planet conduct their lives – always keeping in mind for whom and for what ends this social order is designed. Feel free to transcend present realities and reach for new and inventive ideas with which to shape your world of the future. An exciting exercise, isn’t it? What The Venus Project proposes is nothing more, nothing less, than applying that analysis to our planet.

To prepare for the future we must be willing to test newer concepts. This means that we must acquire enough information to evaluate these concepts, unlike travelers who go to a foreign land and immediately compare everything with their own hometown. If you believe today’s values and virtues are absolute and ultimate, and reflect the final value systems for all times and all civilization, then you may find our projection of the future shocking and unacceptable. We must feel and think as freshly as possible about the almost limitless possibilities and combinations of life patterns humankind may explore for attaining even higher levels of intelligence and fulfillment in the future.

Please stay with us we have a lot to cover.

Written by Jacque Fresco
StreetWise Contributor


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