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Reflecting and Pondering

Wed, Feb 6, 2013

Written by StreetWise Vendor Andy Allen

Upon reflecting and pondering my destiny I realize- I am the force. I am the captain of my own life. I choose my attitude. I am responsible for my happiness or unhappiness. I am in the driver’s seat of my destiny. I am the driver, not just a passenger. I may not be responsible for everything that happens to me, but I am responsible for how I respond to everything that happens to me.

Are you one who takes responsibility for your own life or are you one who blames others? When things happen to you, do you react like a victim or do you take control of the situation and become victorious? Decide which direction you want to go or someone will decide for you.

Life is evolving. Move yourself or get pushed out of the way. When life hits you in the face and gives you sour lemons, don’t get edgy. Just relax and enjoy you some lemonade. Play the hand you have been dealt. There is not always sunshine, but rain also. There may even be thunderstorms.

Remember, “Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.” (Psalms 30:5) All that I am is a result of what I think about and take action upon.


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